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Lincoln in Hodgenville

So when you are driving in the middle of the night in Kentucky on Memorial day weekend and see a sign advertising Lincoln's birthplace, you have to stop, especially if this is the only time you will ever drive down this freeway. So I pulled off the freeway and saw a large building and took a few pictures only to realize it wasn't a museum and just a church, and the birthplace was still thirteen miles miles away. Keep an eye on the signs or you will pass the turnoffs because it's not a straight line to his birthplace. Of course, it was the middle of the night, so when I got to his birthplace it was obviously closed. It was also too far away from my starting point to wait until the next day for it to open, so I left. I did stop at the town square of Hodgenville and took a picture of Licoln's statue. If you look closely in the photo, there is a teenager laying at the base on a cell phone.  It would be interesting to know what life is like growing up as a teenager in a tiny town where Lincoln was born. They probably don't think anything about it. Lincoln probably didn't either, he moved away when he was about two.

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Lincoln in Hodgenville
Lincoln in Hodgenville
there is a teenager on a phone on …
there is a teenager on a phone on…
this is not the museum, just a chu…
this is not the museum, just a ch…
photo by: d68soldier
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