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Woke up at ABC with what felt like a hangover but not having had the alcohol. Harka had said to expect this sleeping at over 13000 feet. No other effects though and went out to see the sunrise. A beautiful morning but perishing cold. The mountains were all still there and looking supreme, but sadly time to descend. Harka reckoned it was -5, but once the sun hit the camp, not feeling bad at all. Today dropping from 4100m to 2340m re-tracing our steps of most of the previous 2 days climb. Still managing to take plenty more photos - well what a digital cameras for ? Re-met the Ozzie World Challenge group just short of Machhapuchre Base Camp. They were all still in 1 piece.

Stormed past Deurali within 3 hours before having a big nose bleed that may have been a little disconcerting to subsequent trekkers following the path about what lay ahead.
I slowed down the speed of our walk. With the day still gorgeous blue skies, seeing the walk between Deurali and Bamboo for the 1st time as completely in cloud on way up. Waterfalls cascading down the 500 foot granite faces on both sides to the forest below and still great views of Fishtail and Hinchuli.

Arrived in Bamboo and dived straight in to the gas shower for the 1st hot water in 3 days. Luc and Sarah both arrived behind but decided to continue on to Sinuwa. With new buddies needed chatted to a group of English (including a vet from Rivelin Valley, Sheffield) who had booked the Sanctuary trek direct from England. They'd been absolutely fleeced with the cost and were also having to pay for all their food and hot water on top).
Had a Mustang coffee (black coffee with a surprisingly large proportion of Nepal brandy - certainly warmed the throat). to celebrate getting to ABC now at lower altitude and even beat Harka at rummy (that makes it about 7-2 to him).

Got up to a cloudy morning in Bamboo but by time breakfast had lifted the mountains were back. Today descending further from 2340m to 1600m. Still walking in shadow of Machhapuchre and sun reflecting brilliantly off Annapurna South. Took 2 hours to make it back to Sinuwa to find Luc hadn't started for the day. Spent most of the rest of the day walking with us. Pretty walk around side of valley towards Chhomrong passing by better views of the farmers fields and up the valley towards the mountains than had on the way up.
Feeling as warm as British summer as hit the climb to Chhomrong. Must have climbed 500 metres of steps that I don't remember going down when walking in the opposite direction but rewarded with uninterrupted views of Machhapuchre and South with Sinuwa sitting on the hill at the start of the two valleys up to each mountain.

With 2 days left of trek and having been buying boiled and filtered water, decided I could risk the tap water with some water purification tablets. The water became a urine colour and it didn't taste much better. We'll see what the after effects are !

Leaving Chhomrong, started on new path towards end of trek. Descended the 500 metres we'd just climbed in to Chhomrong down other side of hill that part way justified rumours that the route I had taken from Nayapul is actually easier than the route in the opposite direction from Phedi.

Arrived in pretty Jhinudanda and bought a can of beer to take to the much hyped thermal springs. Nina and Luc were already in the plunge pool and we had the 5m x 3m pool to ourselves. Lovely setting on the side of the white water river and forest hills towering above. Spent a good 2 hours becoming a prune relaxing aching muscles before the climb back up to Jhinu.

Just before bed, news spreading around the town that there had been a disturbance on the Nepal/India border where 4 homelesss people and 1 policeman had been killed. The Nepalese Maoist party were calling for a strike for the following day that included the suspension of all bus and taxi services. Went to bed apprehensive about any escalation in violence and needing a taxi for the following day.
Didofinedo says:
What an exciting time you are having - blogs make interesting reading - great pictures too - good to know you made it to ABC - Can't wait for the next installment.
Posted on: Dec 10, 2009
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