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So the start of a new adventure....It could all have gone horribly wrong with my late application for a Visa to India.  But it came through in time and the trip can start.

Manchester to Paris straight forward enough and organisation of Paris ground staff great in organising those travelling to India transferred to the correct terminal.  With the connecting flight details read out on the plane, I don't think anyone was actually going to Paris.  I was in the majority going to India.  Processing through Paris all fine and quickly on to plane ready for Delhi....just we didn't go anywhere.  Taxi'd out to runway before pilot called the engineers in to look at the undercarriage.  Sat waiting in the plane getting increasingly hot for 2 hours before we finally set off.  Better to be safe than sorry I guess.

However the knock on effect is we arrived in Delhi 2hr30 late.  Visa all fine, baggage collectedm but no-one from my hostal to pick me up.  Delhi airport not as chaotic as I expected but it was 2.30am and the fun started trying to get a taxi in to centre.  One tout clearly after my business chased me around the airport and wanted to lead me outside towards and underpass.  I settled for another guy who at least showed me some ID.  He still then called for his driver with the verbal assurance that all registered taxi's have a yellow number plate not white. I went with it.  Lurch turned up with his little Daewoo and we head off down the highway only to shortly turn off in to some building site with no other cars in sight.  Really out of my comfort zone, I was starting to wonder which warehouse he was going to stop at and nearly asked to stop when I saw the lights of another highway......and relax !!

30 minutes later we got in to Delhi.  We cruised a rabbit warren of neon signs overhanging dusty run down buildings, but none were my hostal.  After 15 minutes Lurch helpfully pulled in to a 24 hour tourist office.  Office really helpful ringing hostal number only to find that due to my late arrival my room had been given to someone else.  Tourist office found me a room at 4th attempt of other hostals and Lurch dropped me off.  At 4am I had arrived but I just needing a bed after 40 hours of work and travelling since Friday morning !!

beau_bread says:
amazing man
Posted on: Feb 07, 2010
rowanberry says:
Wow, that sounded heavy duty!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2009
Didofinedo says:
Well you made it at last - life is never easy?
Look forward to the next episode
Posted on: Nov 24, 2009
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New Delhi
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