And all I will need is a pair of high heels!

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Or not. Actually walking all around Japan will probably mean I'll need good, comfy, FLAT, sneakers.
Oh woe is me. How I wish I could walk in heels all day, everyday without feeling like my feet need to be in the ICU.
It's sort of amusing because when my feet start to hurt from a night out in heels I end up walking like a bit of a spaz and do the zombie walk! This is a fabulous phenomenon where you can't actually walk normally due to extreme pain and decide to make a drunken mockery of yourself by extending your hand and calling out "brains......". Shibby.

Anyway enough of that silliness! I have an impending wardrobe disaster at hand! And by impending I mean about 8 months from now (or 239 days) but really who's counting? The question Mr Billy Shakespeare himself asked was: To take wheel-on luggage or not to take wheel-on luggage, that is the question. So it's backpack vs wheel-on. To be a bit more specific it's a wheelie Cellini type of bag vs one of those large backpacker type things that I have yet to become the owner of. Actually to refine this possibly pointless discussion even more, it's the ease of being able to take my luggage everywhere because it's a backpack or being stuck with a wheelie.

Wait...did I just answer my own question?
Right, never mind. Problem solved. I buy a groovy backpack that could fit about the same amount as my usual Cellini can and take that so at least I don't have to worry about dragging it across Japan when it can fit on my back! Of course it'll be able to store my high heels too!



p.s is it wrong that despite being a pre-Japan travel blog I'm almost verging on using it as a personal blog?
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photo by: crystalware