An early goodbye and a lazy rainy day!

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a new day! I wonder what it will bring, every day is a challenge and a surprise at the end. Achmed is gone with us last night, and he is not wake up. By 11am I'll just see how he is happy he's alive. We go into town, Achmed makes me clear, drinking coffee in a Turkish place. Ahmed speaks only Turkish and talking to each other is more difficult. Suddenly he's gone, and soon he comes back with a dictionary Turkish / English! I start laughing, and Ahmed said, okay lets talk now! He is really a great guy! It starts to rain and we go to the office of Mehmet. Here we meet his business partner Taner, a friendly guy and a good friend now. We go to the home of the mother of Mehmet, where we have extensive and delicious lunch.

The family which had come over from Turkey, we bring them after the lunch to relatives in a nearby village. It is time to say goodbye to Ahmed, I will not soon forget him because we have had fun together and a great time.
Capri Bar!
We decide to go home, it is still raining and the weather does not allow to do something outside. I go to the neighbors, which have a small business in designing sites. I know them yet, but this is a great opportunity. They know I'm here and the introduction is spontaneous and sincere. Erkan start the computer and I could check my email and of course TravBuddy. After one and a half hours, I go upstairs. I know what I have to do, siesta! OMG it is so late, 8.00pm! Mehmet makes a frappee (Greek coffee), and its a good one (lol).
Mehmet begins to tell about the situation over the area where we are.
I listen carefully and have many questions. It is so unfortunate that people that live together, not always in harmony can bring. I am impressed by his story and my appreciation for Mehmet growing by the day.
Jan, Mehmet and Taner!
It may sound strange, but it would go too far to construe it. But do you know this area better, you will understand and appreciate this area much more .
We´re leaving , going to Snoopy for an delicious snack! After that we meet Taner and drinking a beer on an heated terrace, it´s a nice place `Avangard`.  But it´s getting colder and we decide to visit another bar where we could sit inside, We went to the Capri Bar, a chic club. The music is good and the atmosphere excellent. The lady behind the bar (she is from Corfu, Greece) asking me, where you from! I told her that i was visiting a dear friend and that i´m from The Netherlands, we start a conversation in the German language! (her parents living in Germany), they went to Germany as guest workers in the sixties.
It was fun, and we had abgreat time, Mehmet wanna knowa what we're talkig about and i told him with a big smile, not for your ears man!
She asked my name and I gave it, she laughed and went on, what's your name she asked Mehmet. He answered, Mehmet! Then something strange happened, she turned and went away with a disapproving look. it was shocking, I had already been heard and knew of the situation, but it hit anything. I wanted to leave, but Mehmet and Taner said, come let's take another beer. We did and we talked about that incident.
Mehmet started later on to talk to her, but the atmosphere was different! I looked at him with admiration and respect. How can someone do so offensive, to me incomprehensible. Mehmet, Tanner, you are worth so much more, I am pleased and happy to say, they are my friends. We went home it was allready 02.00am.

JP-NED says:
thanks for taking the time too read this blog!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2009
aloneinthecrowd says:
Great blog Jan and well written.
Posted on: Oct 26, 2009
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Capri Bar!
Capri Bar!
Jan, Mehmet and Taner!
Jan, Mehmet and Taner!
photo by: dieforu