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We arrived in Rabat at around 9:30 and it was pouring. Not a great start to our trip. First full day and I'm already drenched. We first headed to the Royal Palace where we looked around only for 20 minutes and got to take some pictures of the guards, which was neat.

After the Grand Palace we went to see the ruins in the town. At first glance it was really cool, but once you started exploring I became more and more creeped out. Now this might just be a fault of mine, but I have a really weird things for birds and cats. And did this place lack either? No way. We noticed a few 5 maybe) stork nests on top of the ruins which was pretty neat but as we started taking pictures of the scenery we realized there were at least 50. And then for the cats, this place reminded me of Pompeii with the dogs, but this place had cats, and most of them were damaged, probably from fighting each other over food or what not. I was very pleased to get out of there.

After the ruins, we headed to the really big Mosque that was never finished, forgive me I'm horrible with names. By this time the weather had cleared up and I was beginning to be in a better mood. The marble inside was amazing. And the views weren't too shabby either.

Overall I enjoyed our 2 hours in Rabat.
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All those white dots are storks. S…
All those white dots are storks. …
photo by: asturjimmy