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Denise getting acquainted with Irish beer.

We're here and having a lovely time!


The trip over was not so great.  I'm hoping that the woman in front of me who insisted on having her seat fully reclined for the entire trip (effectively trapping me) gets a lousy hotel on a busy street with insufficient pillows.  :)


We took the train from Shannon to Dublin (because I booked the flight to Shannon before I learned it WASN'T the airport near Dublin...).  It gave us a chance to see the countryside and relax a bit.  We were all quite tired (we're traveling with Jeff's parents and two friends, Tina and Denise) so it was a no-brainer kind of morning.  Get on the train, veg and stare out the window.

Kelly and Jeff at the Guiness brewery gate. How many pics have been taken here by travellers? More or less than the Cliffs of Mohr???
  The country is very sparsely populated in the middle so the train was never crowded, nor was the countryside.  Saw lots of cows and sheep.


I'm really enjoying Dublin.  Lots of street life and activity.  Small shops.  Plenty of torn-up roads from construction.  Gee, feels a lot like DC....  :)


Everyone we've met has been friendly, accommodating, and gracious.  I LOVE the accents!  I feel like I could float on them!  And, blessedly, I pretty much understand what they're saying!


Our B&B is really comfortable and charming.  We just a few blocks north of the river, which divides the city.  It's, technically, the 'bad' part of town it doesn't seem that way to me.  The south side of the river is more spiffy and tourist-oriented but that's about it.

Shame we didn't have time to go in and compare product lines with its US competition.


Friday, we mostly just wandered about.  Saturday, we did the historical walking tour with the Trinity College student.  I highly recommend it.  Small group (6 of us?) and a cute guide who really knew his history.  And could tell it more as a story than just a dry recitation of facts. 


We also toured the college itself on Sunday and got to see their *amazing* library and the famous Book of Kells.  The Book of Kells is an illustrated copy of the 4 Christian Gospels and it just amazes me.  The level of artistry, detail and expression in it could swallow me up.  I spent so much time in that exhibit, just mesmerized.  I would love to go back.


And the library 'Long Room' is my idea of heaven.  ACRES of books.  <sigh>


The food has been so much better than we expected, though, yes, we get potatoes in every meal.  I think there were even potatoes in my Thai curry last night.  The Guinness is better here too.  I've had one Guinness every night, just to keep my former co-workers at the Fool happy.  :)


The weather has been cool, overcast, and intermittently rainy.  I'm wearing a sweater and raincoat every day.  Ah, well, it's Ireland.  It's never been a drenching rain, so it's tolerable.


Had drinks Saturday night with a classmate from massage school who's marrying a Dublin cop next month. What a wonderful time!  Last night was drinks with a friend's boyfriend.  He's loads of fun too.


Today is more sightseeing (the old jail and the Guinness brewery).  Tomorrow we leave Dublin and head north to an ancient burial site called Newgrange.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Then west to Galway.  It's shaping up to be a truly grand vacation and I look forward to sharing more news of it with you all in a few days.

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Denise getting acquainted with Iri…
Denise getting acquainted with Ir…
Kelly and Jeff at the Guiness brew…
Kelly and Jeff at the Guiness bre…
Shame we didnt have time to go in…
Shame we didn't have time to go i…
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