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If it's Sunday night, I must be in Redwood National Park in northern California.  At the Redwood/Klamath hostel, bastion of crunchy granola-ness.  The rules are:

·                                 no shoes

·                                 no hate

·                                 pick up a "chore" card in the morning and do it before you leave

·                                 recycle everything

OK, it's not that strange.  And it's a great building in a stunning location.  Plus, they've got cheap internet access!  :)

Today, I drove from Portland (OK, Hillsboro), down the Pacific coast (Rt. 101) to Redwood.  The Oregon Coast is stunning.  The road took me in and out of sight of the ocean all day long.  Over quite a few more ridges.

The coastline is so very different from what I expect, being from the mid-Atlantic.  I guess that's what happens when the ocean encounters mountains rather than farmland.  It's rocky with few beaches.  The fog rolled in and out all day.  The temperature varied by 15 degrees from one location to the next.  The vistas almost caused me to drive off the road at times, plus the roads were twisty and curvy.  The surf pounded.  The seagulls whirled.

You get the picture.

It was a long drive.  375 miles.  9 hours (dang those RVs!!).  I've got several more days like that.  The next 3 days will probably be 400 mile days each.  It will get a little more sane after that.  But, oh my, it's a long way around out here!

Tomorrow, I WILL find a way to enjoy Redwood before I hit the road if it kills me!

Plus, it's only 4 days till I get to see my sweet baboo again.  Yes, I've missed him.

The conference was instructive.  It's good to learn what you want to try, but also to get a taste of something and decide you don't want to pursue that.  I learned that I really really really really want to take a gross anatomy class next year (yes, that's dissection).  I learned I don't really want to court referrals from doctors, or at least not yet. 

My friend Kitty gave me an envelope of cash and a shopping list.  It was heady stuff to have a handful of cash and the directions to spend it all!  That was fun.  :)  Even bought a few things for myself (with my OWN money, Kitty, I promise!). 

I remembered that, being an introvert (as defined by Myers-Briggs), conferences exhaust me.  All those people!  Even when I'm not interacting with them I'm AWARE of them and feel them and see them and I'm pooped by the end of the day.  Karen, if you don't understand this, ask Alex.  :)

Next year, it's in Richmond, a mere two hours down the road.  I could even go on the motorcycle.  In 2004, it's in Albuquerque.  Hmmmm....another road trip????  Kitty????

Glad I went.  Glad to be on my way again.

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photo by: beccadilley