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So, more than one person has questioned my sanity. I'm taking Ye Olde (OK, Ye Newe) Jeepe Cherokee and driving from Washington DC to Portland OR and back. By myself. In 30 days.

The initial "sanity check" is safety. Do I have any idea how dangerous this will be!?!?!?!?!?!? This is usually said by people who have never done this and would never dream of doing this, so I'm not sure where they're getting their data. Fox news, perhaps???

I live, cheerfully and happily, in the middle of what was once the Murder Capitol of the World. Blessedly, that honor has passed to others now. What danger does Columbus OH have to offer after that???

But what if I break down????????????? Well, first, my father taught me how to change a tire a long long time ago. I've done it on more than one occasion. I'm not saying I enjoy it, I'm just saying I can do it. I also have USAA road service.  I love USAA. It's only available to the military and their dependents. They give great customer service because they know all their clients are armed (and with reeeeeeeeally big guns!).

Finally, 95% of the people in the world are just like you and me (and my naysayers):  they would never intentionally harm a stranger. And the 5% that would? Well, they're pretty hard to avoid if they decide to do you harm but that's true whether I get on the road or stay locked in my apartment.

Won't I be ..... lonely? It's both a blessing and a curse that I am somewhat of an introvert. I like being alone. Admittedly, this is more alone time than normal but what the heck.

I have long fantasized about driving cross-country. There's been more than one slow day at work where I passed the time by figuring out what route I would take, what sights I would see, how long it would take, what time of the year I would go, etc. Thanks to making a little bit of money from the sale of a condo, I was able to pay off my bills and now have just enough left over for this adventure.

I'm going to Portland because I have a professional conference to attend there (hence, it's a business deduction!).  We all have dreams and fantasies and many of us are extremely good at deferring them -- maybe next year, when the kids are older, when I have more in savings, when this project is over, etc. etc. etc. etc. That's your choice as the owner of your own life. But do you dreams ever start to feel stale because it's been so long since you took a chance on one of them?

What's life for if not for a little adventure every now and then?

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