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Now counting the weekends that passes by until I can get out of my daily paradise..what a way to see it..hahaha.. I have been marking  my calendar counting every passing weekend as if I am in competition, but I dont know what I am competing against...A lot of people are saving money to visit the place where I am, and I cant wait to get away from here...Hmmm. It's human, I guess, we are never happy with what we have - perhaps I should change this mindset.

Like any other weekend, its starts with Sabado nights - the famous team bar just a couple of meters away from where my room is. So, even if I am not physically there, the music blasting towards my direction will already give me a doze of Sabado nights in embhodoo finulhoo...last night was different, nothing much to do, the music was boring, perhaps no difference with what hell could offer but the drinks are consistent in taste ..hahaha so I usually just end up having a glass after the other, then the music and the crowd doesnt really matter.  Vivek was sitting in the bar counter with Alex, whilst Sweeta, Harish with Maldita (our little angel in the island), Vinod and myself sitting a couple of meters away watching the boys playing volleyball with limited lightings.  We were wondering if they could see the ball at all, however, since the ball was going from one end to the other then perhaps it was visible to them.  The moon was shining so bright that it was reflecting its brightness on the lagoon, I took couple of shots from my phone, it was not a good photo but one can make out that the moon was full. As the night gets late, the music became more boring, cuba libre became more interesting though but Maldita was already asleep in Sweeta's arms peacefully, so Sweeta said she will just put Maldita on the bed and come back.  At 1am Vivek, Alex and couple of guys were walking away from the bar with pringles and couple of beers on hand.  They said they were bored and would rather play playstation in the room.  Harish and myself said we go grab one more drink and call it a night.  So we walked to the bar grab a drink and we chit chat just in the bar counter.  Just as when we were about to walk back to where we were seated, Sweeta came back with Maldita..she woke up when Sweeta placed her on the bed..hmmm clever girl! So, Sweeta took her drink and we went back to our seats.  It was not that interesting to stay late anymore, so I decided to walk my glass with me home.  when I got back, a lot of messages from my friends that are online, so I end up chatting with them til the wee hours.  Finally got to bed just before the sunrise.

As early as 9am I got a call from our Spa, they have booked me for an ayurveda treatment.  I havent had one before so I might as well try it.  The treatment was supposed to be at 11am but since they called me at 9am, I have 2hours to kill before heading to the spa.  I sat in the corner of my bed for a while wondering what day it was...while trying not to fall back to sleep.  For the first time in a year now in Maldives, I began to understand that each day is just ordinary days passing you by in this tiny piece of earth. Unless you put meanings to everything you routinely do then ordinary days becomes memories.  Obviously, we create a difference to the ordinary by thinking differently - I guess.  The phone rang again, I knew who it was..I didnt answer but head to the door.  The sun was bright and the wind was blowing so warm. OH..I would have loved to take a detour and run to beach and just swim to the pavillion to stay there till the sun goes down, which is by the way the best view in this paradise.  But I had my scheduled appointment for Ayurveda treatment.  Its my first time having Ayurveda, they said its an ancient indian treatment, dont know what its like, apparently its a lifestyle and became a trend with the elite these days. 

The walk to the spa was quick, I did it with half eyes open, when I reached Yanti the receptionist was already waiting for me. Opps I was 9 minutes late. Im not usually late, but guess it was a challenge walking towards the other end of the island with half eyes closed.  Dr. Pooja greeted me with a sweet smile, maybe she forgot that I was late! She sat me in a comfortable chair and started telling me about what ayurveda is all about, to be honest I couldnt recall what she told me, I didnt know how I convinced her that I understood... Then she got me a hot detox tea which was amazing, whilst having tea she made  me fill up a didnt take me forever to fill..I left most of it blank, then I fold the paper and pretend that I finished it all....hehehe

she then led me to the treatment room, then she told me to UNDRESS! yeah right take off all clothes! And she went out of the room. Opps no one told me this!!! I tried to recall if she ever did say this when she briefed me earlier...nah..didnt come back to mind. So, I stood in the treatment room with a glass french window and can see the stretch of the lagoon..the crystal clear water outside made me wish I did the detour.  So, anyway Dr. Pooja came back and I havent taken any piece of cloth from body. Hmmm..When I realised that it wasnt a joke I undress quickly not wasting any time.  She gave me a piece of cloth somewhat like a g-string that covers only the front part..but then to be honest it felt better without it.  So, there I was in the room totally naked and didnt know what I am into. 






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photo by: jenyenh