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Today Pompeii!!!!! I was really excited. Pompeii i wanted to see since the primary school! And now finally the moment was there. We woke up very early and we had to be all set downstairs in the lobby very very early. It was still dark in the morning! We went with our bus to pompeii so we had to drive for some hours.

Once in Pompeii we were cut loose with a guiding map, and a route in our asignment book. We walked and in the beginning i was a bit dissapointed because it was not that special as i hoped it to be. But as we walked through the day it became more and more as i expected it to be. The old reamains of houses, theatres, sidewalks, and much much more. You really need a whole day to see all! We went there for some hours.

The houses of the rich people where the most beautiful. there where many wallpainting still remained. mosaic floor also remained, some very good remained. That was very impressing. Bit a little bit scary, the idea that you are walking through all those houses and streets where so many people have lived and died. Ofcourse there where the malls of the people who had tried to escape by climbing over the citywall. But ofcourse had no change of escaping. Also malls of little children. It is also fascinating that the human body had almost immedialty the tendency to go and ly in the fetus position. But what i earlier also said, it was also a bit scary. The Vesuvius was there like a calm but still very threatening mountain. The clouds lay around it and the sky was sometimes very dark and cold/cloudy, and sometimes very clear and sunny.
It was very strange.

In pompeii we wanted to eat lunch. But by mistake we could't get some pasta, so we got pizza (again). the Italian that made the pizza's was looking everytime he threw a pizza in the air to us. I had seen it, and i wanted to make a picture of it but i though i first had to ask it. So we went with a little group of girls to the pizza guy, and asked for a picture. He immediaty made a gesture that we had to come behing the counter, and throw a pizza ourselves :P It was very clumbsy ofcourse how we handled the pizza's but the man had quite enjoyed it :P I even had to put a pizza in the oven with a enormeus shovel :P  It was so much fun  :P And (so cliche) when we left, we waved at him, and he gestured 'where are you going?' and three sky kisses :P It was such a cliche Italian man :P But that made it even more funnier :P

After lunch we went to the bus, and drove to Napels.

There we went to a museum, with soooo many statues! We got some freetime, (i bought new shoes :P) and after that we drove with the bus a little through Napels. Our restaurant wasn't yet open so we had to drive some rounds. But one street was to small for our touringcar. It was quite scary. The bus was very much stuck. So a Italian man who could speak a bit Dutch and very good english helped us to push a car on the sidewalk. All the strong guy from my class went outside togehter with the busdrivers to puch that car on the sidewalk. We girl ofcourse weren't aloud to leave the bus etc. But my friend managed to make one picture of the car incident. When the bus finally could go through we drove straight to the restaurant in Napels. Il pomodorino. The food was excellent! But sadly (pizza AGAIN!) I don't want to eat pizza for at leat one year now :P

After dinner we had to drive back, and went to bed very soon. We were all very exhausted but also very excited that we also had seen Napels the city of the maffia!

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Pompeii but then very little :P
Pompeii but then very little :P
Pff This is far too early in the m…
Pff This is far too early in the …
photo by: Grpablo