Day 9: Amsterdam! The place my friends thought I would never survive haha

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5:03 pm:

I finally arrived in Amsterdam yesterday at around 1 pm. It was a quick and easy walk from the train station to the hostel (Flying Pig Downtown)...about 2 minutes. It was a good feeling to finally not get lost right away. The hostel seemed liek a lot of fun as soon as i got there and the location is just perfect. The room was nice but it was a 14-person room (my biggest so far). There was no one in there yet so i dropped off my stuff and explored. Amsterdam is a pretty cool city...old european buildings, canals, bikes, etc. Nothing amazing to look at but still has that European charm. The train station is beautiful though. I was hungry so I immediately found the place that most people on the street were getting food from (the fries stand). Everyone (locals and tourists) eats fries with mayo here. I don't like mayo but I felt like i had to try it since i was here so I got some (warning: they absolutely drench the fries in can barely see the fries lol). Next time, i'll just get ketchup lol. My hostel is on one of the main shopping streets so that was convenient. I got a card for my phone, a shot glass and a new pair of jeans to replace the ones i destroyed in Paris. I wish i had more money and luggage because there were a lot of cool clothing stores. The internet is free at this hostel so i spent some time catching up with people at home. Went back to my room and rested for a bit. Then out of nowhere 6 Scottish guys barged into my room singing. There were more of them in another room and they were all here for their friend's (Ian's) bachelor party. We introduced ourselves and and I have to say that I couldn't understand a word they said (the glasgow accent is so strong). I still really can't understand them. My first thought was oh crap I'm never going to sleep with these guys in my room but then i thought, you're in Amsterdam..why sleep? About an hour later, I went to the hostel bar to see what was going on. The Scots found out i was traveling alone and told me I was hanging out with them tonight. I became the honorary Scot for the night. They were all really great guys...always including me in conversation even though I just nodded and smiled not knowing what they were saying haha. They paid for a lot of stuff that night including a lot of my drinks and some joints (my first time..might as well do it here). They were really great guys.  We left the hostel and went to some bars in the Red Light District and then went back to the hostel to keep partying. I had an amazing time (they are quite the rowdy bunch though) and i didn't get to bed until around 4 am.
This morning I enjoyed the free breakfast (the best one so far) and went on the free walking tour. It was really good (I've been really impressed with this company for the last 3 cities). Our guide Kevin was really passionate about Amsterdam in general, especially about forgetting Amsterdam's negative image. He taught us a lot of history and interesting facts. Amsterdam is definitely a unique city. I can see why some people come here and never leave (it's smaller and less fast-paced than London and Paris). After the tour Kevin showed us a nice place to eat and we all had lunch. I had croquettes (not how you spell them). They look like Italian rice balls but are filled with meat. They were quite good. Kevin and a group of us went to a coffeeshop called Amnesia and we got space cakes (when in Amsterdam). Our group consisted of 3 Canadian girls (we're everywhere), a guy from New Zealand and a girl from India. We hung out for a bit and decided we will be doing the pub crawl tonight. I'm in the hostel right now in my room feeling a little "spaced out". Looking forward to the pub crawl in a few hours..hopefully another fun Amsterdam night.
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photo by: pearcetoyou