Day 7: Crazy adventure last night! My last day in paris :( So much still to little time

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10:06 am: Last night ended up being great! We all met up and Jayme's friend brought us to Sacre Coeur to sit and hang out. The hill was packed with people (a popular place for the locals to sit, eat and of course drink). There was even some live music going was pretty cool. We chatted and drank our wine. When it got darker we walked around Montmartre for a bit and made it back to the church where we drank some more. At some point while we were there, everyone left and the locked the perimeter of the church grounds without us noticing lol (I have no idea how no one noticed). No one was sure where the exit was (although we did find a merry-go-round haha). We decided to climb the wrought-iron spiked fence and jump over to the other side. There are two things wrong with this plan: 1) I am horribly coordinated and b) I had comsumed a lot of wine. My climbing was terrible and I ended up slicing my arm and leg (nothing too serious but not just a scratch) and slicing my jeans in numerous places. I finaly made it over after sliding down a street sign pole like a fireman lol. No one knew where the hostels were and we were in no shape to keep looking so we crashed at Jayme's place. In hindsight, you probably shouldn't go home with someone you don't know but I trusted these people and luckily it turned out fine! It was such a random night but was a lot of fun. Definitely one of the funniest nights so far. Its funny how quickly you meet friends and how quickly you bond over here. I only knew these guys for maybe half a day but it felt like we had been friends for a long time. You actually start to miss people that you've only known for a's weird. Just got back to the hostel and am going to rest for a bit and then do some sight seeing for my last day in Paris. ps there's chocolate rice krispies for breakfast (my favourite!)

8:34 pm:

I am a crippled man. My legs are beyond sore and my feet are covered in cuts and blisters. It's been non-stop walking for a week straight. Today I walked about 7 hours without sitting. I spent 3 hours in the Louvre (awesome!) So much to see. Apparently if you spent 30 seconds looking at every piece in the Louvre, it would take months to see it all. Highlights were obviously the big three women: the Victory of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa (not sure they're worth the hype but they are pretty cool nonetheless). I really enjoyed all the sculptures of Greek art as well as the portraits in the Italian art wing. Napolean's apartments were insane. That guy really knew how to live in style. The Louvre is clearly an outstanding museum but its really tasking to see everything. I had to take a few breaks not just for my legs but also for my head because of all the things to look at. Literally every inch of the place is something to look at (it bombards you). After the Louvre I went to the Notre Dame. It was also beautiful. It took a lot of effort not to bust out into a song from the Hunchback lol (I also didn't take my Quasimodo would be awkward to ask a stranger to take it for me). After that I saw the Jardins de Tuileries, Arc de Triomphe, Champs d'Elysees and of course the Eiffel tower. I was considering climbing the tower but it was pretty foggy out so there would have been no view. It also started to thunderstorm while i was under it so I took that as i sign and left. Its going to be an early night tonight. I can't handle another night like last night right now lol Plus i need to leave really early tomorrow

9:00 pm:

ps i forgot to mention I went to eat lunch today at one of those street fast food stands. I got a baguette with melted cheese and hot dogs inside. It was delicious. From this point on I always want hot dogs in a baguette. Hot dog buns are nothing to me now. I also had a banana nutella crepe (absolutely delicious). I dont understand how everyone is thin here with all the awesome bread and cheese and desserts.
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