Day 6: A much better day (despite being stalked lol). Paris est magnifique!

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5:00 pm:

I ended up taking a much longer nap than expected last night and woke up too late to do any exploring (didn't feel like walking in a new city at night by myself...especially in the neighbourhood i was in). I didn't do anything the rest of the night. My roommates keep to themselves (a couple don't even speak english) so I didn't have anyone to do anything with and I really didn't feel like going to the hostel bar.

Got up early this morning because I had lots to do since yesterday was pretty much a wasted day. I walked around the Montmatre district this morning for a couple of hours and instantly my initial negative views of Paris were forgotten. This is what Paris is supposed to be: winding cobblestoned roads, accordian music coming from peoples' windows, grape vines, artists sketching on the streets, etc. Montmatre is the artists' district of Paris. As I was exploring, I realized I was running behind because the free walking tour I wanted to go on started in an hour and I needed to get to the other end of the city. If I had a metro map and knew the lines well I could have easily taken the metro but I didn't so I decided to walk. Of course I got lost multiple times (even though i had a good map). It's getting pretty frustrating that I can't find my way around (why can't they label streets like we do at home..or at least have more signs). I noticed someone following me on his bike and it was pretty creepy. He would bike insanely slow and wait to see which way i turned and then followed. Eventually I decided to ask him for directions because I didnt want to miss the tour lol. He only spoke French but I conversed ok. He showed me the direction and then left. Maybe he just realized i was lost and wanted to help but didnt know that I spoke french so instead he creepily followed me until I asked him. That's what I like to think happened lol. I finally made it to where the tour was starting. It's a 4 hour walking tour (tips accepted at the end). Our guide was Jacqueline (an Aussie) and she was beyond hilarious. Really witty and quirky..reminded me a lot of my friend Britt (same dancing and random punches in the air with sound effects lol). She taught us a lot of the history behind everything (stuff i would have never known) but also made it really fun. I spent most of the tour with a guy named Jayme from Montreal (but just moved to Paris for work). At the end of the tour we met three girls: Jenny and Sarah (Canadians) and Ashley (American) and all of us decided to hang out tonight. I'm at the hostel now resting my feet (did 9 hours of walking today and have more than a few blisters). I'm gonna shower and go get some wine at the grocery store (when in Paris) and then go meet my new friends. Should be a good night.
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photo by: Sweetski