Day 4: Last day in the UK :(

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1:15 pm:

I ended up going to the pub crawl last night and it was amazing!! I'm glad Ben wanted to go becuase I'm not sure if I would have showed up alone not knowing anyone. It was such an awesome night though and everyone seemed to click well and were really friendly. Our crawl leader, Pip, picked us up at the hostel and we met everyone else at the first pub. The way it works is you pay about 12 pounds I think and they take you to a few pubs and then a club at the end. And they have free shots and drink specials at each place. It may seem like a lot of money but its worth it just for the social atmosphere. A group of us hit it off pretty good and kind of stuck together most of the night. Met some cool Americans, Canadians and Aussies and even a Swedish girl (hope i didnt forget anyone). Pip and the other leader Charlotte were a ton of fun and partied with us. I wish I got more people's names but I wasn't thinking properly (too many shots of Tequila and Jager). Hopefully I'll get their names and info over Facebook when i get home. By the end of the night there was just a few of us. Ben and I, two of the girls and of course Pip lol. I think we decided to head out close to 3 am (not really sure). Ben and I weren't really sure how to get back to the hostel though. The tube and buses close at midnight so the only transportation is the night bus system. However, we couldn't find the stop of the bus we needed and for some reason, no one else around knew (got a lot of conflicting directions). About an hour later, we hopped on a random bus that got us a bit closer but we were still totally lost (the alcohol didnt help my memory either). We found this random guy walking down the street and asked him and luckily he knew where we had to go! It took us another while to get there but we finally showed up at around 4:30 (the birds had started chirping). So glad I wasn't alone or that probably would have beena disaster. I would have gone into a club and hung out until 5 until the tube opened again lol.

Woke up at 9:30 this morning (should have slept longer but its my last day in London). Had breakfast and set out on more sightseeing. Did a lot of walking (not the best with a big hangover). My legs and feet are starting to hurt from all the walking as well. I saw St. Paul's Cathedral (beautiful but pics aren't allowed). Went to Covent Garden market (not that ours but bigger). Had Bangers and chips for lunch (sausages and fries). Bangers aren't like our sausages (they're really mushy inside) but they tasted good. Saw Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Chinatown and Oxford Circus. Also saw Cleopatra's Needle (an obelisk brought from Egypt).

Not sure what i'm doing tonight (probably an early night since i need to be up at 6 for my train). Can't believe i'm leaving London already. It's such a great place. The atmosphere is incredible and it feels like a place that has something to offer for everyone. As far as European feel, London reminds me a lot of North America still. Apart from some obvious landmarks (eg. Big Ben) It feels like I'm in a big city in North America...except London has more multiculturalism, cooler fashion, a better accent and a richer history. The hostel was realyl great too. Good location and prices, great staff, clean, and a really fun bar. I'm looking forward to Paris tomorrow...hopefully my first train ride of my trip goes well.
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photo by: ulysses