Day 20: Family Time in Roma

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9:00 pm:

I got to Rome ok yesterday. Zio Vincenzo, Zia Rica and Betty were waiting for me at the train station. It was awesome seeing them again. Betty surprised me with a wekk-long metro and bus pass. That was really nice of her and it will definitely come in handy since they live a bit out of the ways from the heart of the city. I stayed at Zia's for a bit in the morning and had a nice lunch. Zio wanted to take me to get a SIM card for my phone. I told him i could do it myself but he insisted on helping me. We walked around for 45 minutes and found nothing and I finalyl convinced him to let me go into the city and find it myself. I now had some time to sight see but not for long since I had to be back at the house for dinner. I ended up walking a lot for such a short time. I saw Piazza Venezia, the Roman Forums, Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill. Rome is definitely an amazing city. Everywhere you look there is some church or temple or ancient ruin. It's gorgeous. I got back to the house and everyone was shocked that I made it back all by myself and that I did so much sightseeing by myself. I don't think it's set in that i'm 23 and have been doing this solo for 3 weeks already lol. Dinner was delicious (so nice to have homemade food and not have to pay anything for it). After dinner I spent most of the night on the computer. My Italian isn't very good so I can't really watch tv. This was the biggest downside of not being in a hostel...not being able to meet people and go out at night. But i guess there are trade-offs when staying with family

This morning Betty and I met Zio at the train station. He wanted to take me out this morning and said that i would have free time in the afternoon. We went to the colosseum and it was awesome! It's so cool being in such a historic place. It's one of the best known landmarks in the world. I appreciated it so much more because I just finished a course in Ancient Roman Sport and spent a long unit on the gladiators. After the colosseum we went to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps (which were full of Barcelona fans as the Championship Finals are being held in Rome tomorrow). Zio wanted me to go to his place for lunch. I wanted to but I was itching to go off and explore. I couldn't say no though. He failed to mention that he lives an hour bus ride from Rome center. After lunch, we talked a bit and then I finally convinced him that I needed to go. It's not that I'm against visiting family its just that I needed some time to do my own thing too...when is the next time I'll be in Rome? I got back to the train station at 4:30 (so much for that free afternoon haha). I had about an hour and a half before I needed to be at Zia's for dinner so I ended up going to Piazza Navona for some gelato. It's a beautiful square and the gelato was the perfect treat for the Roman heat. Tonight should be similar to last night. At least all the computer tme has allowed me to talk to people at home. Zio has planned for us to go to the Vatican tomorrow. Hopefully we get more accomplished than we did today.

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