Day 2: Hello London!

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2:39 pm:

Haven't had time to write in a while. The flight was great. I slept through most of it. We landed at 6:00 am (we had to fly in circles for 1/2 an hour because we were early). Heathrow is a huge airport but its pretty easy to navigate. The tube is really easy as well. There's so many tube lines that you can take it any where in the city. I suggest getting an oyster card rather than single tickets. Its a pay as you go card that you can top up at any tube station. You just scan it before you go on the tube and scan it after you leave the station. There's a voice that tells you which tube stop is coming up next so you know when to get off. And don't forget to mind the gap!
I couldn't check into my hostel (St. Christopher's Village) until 2 pm so I dropped off my stuff and did some sightseeing. It was raining pretty hard and i got lost right away (what a great start). 40 minutes later I found the Thames River which is where most of the tourist stuff can be found. I saw the Southwark Cathedral (don't pronounce the "w"...i was rudely corrected), Shakespeare's Theatre, Tate Modern, Royal Theatre, The London Eye, Big Ben (my favourite sight), Westminister Abbey (line was too long to get in), Buckingham Palace (saw changing of the guards), and trafalgar square).
The weather is so messed up here: sun, rain, sun, rain, HAIL, sun, rain. I would be so depressed living here with weather like this. London is pretty much what I expected it to be. Older buildings mixed with modern scyscrapers. Industrialized yet historic. I was expecting to see Mary Poppins around every corner.
I'm writing this in the common room of the hostel. I just checked into my room (10 person dorm). Its a bit small but its clean so i can't complain. I haven't met any roomates yet except for Amanda from Australia (she seems pretty nice).
On a side note: There's a girl beside me in the common room with one of the most annoying laughs i have ever heard. Its actually physically irritating.
Hopefully I'll meet some people soon. that was actually my biggest fear about this trip, being alone at night stuck in the hostel. I might go have a nap considering I'm on a few hours sleep, jet lagged and just did hours of walking.

5:43 pm:

Made my first friend today. Marco from Rome. We're gonna hit up the hostel bar tonight and then maybe go to some London pubs/clubs. I'm relieved that I won't be one of those people that stay in the hostel reading or watching tv haha. Anyways, gonna go have some dinner. Hopefully I have a fun night tonight.
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photo by: ulysses