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7:37 pm:

I ended up meeting up with my roommate and a few other people last night in Venice and we went out for a couple drinks but I didn't stay out too late. I woke up at 5:30 this morning (gaah! too early). It was a long train ride and no one around me spoke English (times like this are really the only time I wish i had a travel partner). I arrived in Naples around 1:30 this afternoon. The hostel was about a half hour walk from the train station, which is a little much but I didn't get lost! Naples is pretty easy to navigate. The hostel is sooo nice (Hostel of the Sun). I definitely recommend it. It has free breakfast and internet!! And they have laundry (finally!!!). I hung out for a bit in my room and then threw a load of laundry in and left to do some sight seeing. I love Naples...i would definitely move here. It's such a beautiful place with amazing food and an awesome beach. And the locals are quite friendly. I had some incredible pizza for dinner. I haven't met anyone yet but that's because I arrived late in the afternoon and everyone is out exlporing. Hopefully I'll make some friends (i've been lucky so far). Tomorrow I think i'll go to Pompeii. It's a 45 minute train ride away but it only costs 3 euros. I think it will be cool to say i've been there. I bought some toast bread and a jar of nutella to make sandwhiches for future train rides! I love Nutella and they definitely love it here! I'm gonna loiter around the common room and hopefully someone will hang out here and I can start small chat. For now, here's my ten experiences for Venice:

1) Bring a map with you at all times: Venice is a ridiculous maze. Its full of alleys which tend to lead to dead-ends of water. It's also hard to ask for directions because there are more tourists here than locals. Make sure you know where your accomodations are ahead of time.

2) Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts to bed OR put on a lot of bug spray: At night it was still so hot that we needed the windows open. However, mosquitos are everywhere (there's so much water that attracts them). I am covered in bites and it sucks!

3) Despite how pricey this place is, if you look hard enough there are some cheap eats: A pizza shouldn't cost more than 4 euros. The market sells cheap fruit and veggies and there is a mini grocery store (if you can find it)

4) Gondola rides seem overrated: I know its THE thing to do in Venice but I wasn't with anyone else so it didn't make sense. I definietly couldn't afford one but even so, they didn't seem that great (seems like a big tourist trap). I walked beside one for a while and most of the guys weren't even singing (maybe that costs extra). Also, the water smells so bad that I dont think i would have enjoyed it.

5) It gets really hot: Bring water and a hat at all times and remember to take precautions for mosquitos because leaving your window closed at night is not an option due to the heat.

6) Carry some sort of jakcet, lon-sleeved shirt or scarf with you: Most of the churches here have strict dress codes and I was many people turned away for having bare shoulders and for wearing shorts that are deemed too short.

7) There aren't any taxis: There are no vehicles in Venice whatsoever because the streets are so narrow and have so many dead ends. The only option other than walking are the water taxis. I didn't feel like paying for that so I walked. Venice is pretty small so if you know where you're going, you can pretty much walk anywhere.

8) Spend a day at the beach if you're tired of the city: I didn;t have time to do this but I heard nice things about it

9) There is a very very poor hostel selection: The one i stayed in was probably one of the best ones in Venice but compared to the ones in other cities, it was an overpriced dump.

10) Explore the markets: Rialto market is awesome and there is a giant fish market. The smell was overbearing and vomit-inducing in my opinion so i got away from the fish market as soon as possible lol But if you like fresh can go to town on that selection.

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photo by: spocklogic