Day 16: One night only in Venice...that's all i needed

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1:42 pm

Got into Venice at 7 am and was immediately lost as soon as i left the train station. This city is an actual maze. So many alleys and piazzas. If I was staying in a hotel people could have helped me locate it but none of the locals knew where my youth hostel was. A lot of the street names are missing too. It took me an hour and a half to find the hostel. In the sweltering heat! I had my giant backpack on and I thought i would pass out at any minute. Plus my small carry-on backpack broke!!!! What a start. I was so frustrated. I just wanted to give up and go back to the train station and move on to my next city. Eventually I found the hostel (Absolut Venice) but I couldn't check in yet so I dropped my luggage off in the cupboard (they didn't have a locker room that actually locked) and I did some sightseeing. Venice is definitely a unique city that you won't see anywhere else. It's amazing how they do everything in the water. Sometimes the water goes right up to peoples' doorsteps. It can be beautiful but most of the time I found it frustrating and dirty, with a permanent smell of fish. It was also 30 degrees this morning and I thought I would get heat stroke. I just checked into my hostel now and its definitely the worst I've been in so far. The beds are tiny and creaky, there aren't enough lockers AND the bedrooms don't lock so basically your belongings sit there for anyone to take. There was no breakfast offered or laundry (I seriously need to find a laundromat). The internet is expensive and the owner is rude and slightly creepy (in a sleazy Italian way...And i'm full Italian so I can say that). You might ask why I chose this one and the answer is because it was basically the only option. Prices for accomodations in Venice is outrageous. This hostel was the only one remotely affordable (and it was still twice as expensive as some of the nicest ones i've stayed in so far on my trip). ALSO, because it was so hot, all the windows were open in the hostel. For some reason there is a window in the shower?!!? Which of course I didn't think anything of until I walked into the shower and looked to the building across the street and saw a group of guys watching in the window naked and it was clear that the girl that showered just before me was still in their memories haha. They left when they saw me....apparently I wasn't who they were hoping to see lol.  I warned the rest of the people in the hostel to close the window. It wouldn't surprise me if the owner had a deal going on with those guys haha. Anyway, I guess its not a horrible place and I'm glad i'm only here for one night.

5:45 pm:

Did quite a bit of walking this afternoon. I'm getting better at figuring this place out. I didn't even use the map. I've realized that if I'm the only one on the street than its probably not the street I want to be on. I've pretty much seen all I could in one day here. There's a lot I could have seen but I didn't want to do anything that costs money (saving that for Rome). If I did have an extra day here I probably would have spent it on the beach since the weather has been perfect beach weather. I could work on the tan I've been developing since Munich haha. Hopefully this weather continues for a while. Didn't meet a lot of people today. I just met one of my roomies so I might see what he is up to tonight. I'm not too concerned about sticking to myself here because its only been one day and I leave at 5 am tomorrow. Don't know if I'll ever return to Venice...maybe I need to spend more time here. Getting lost, heat stroke and crappy hostel probably doesn't help my impression of the city either. I guess you'll have to see it for yourself to decide!

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photo by: asturjimmy