Day 13: On the way to the land of beer

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9:08 am:

On the train to Munich!! Hopefully I'm on the right train lol. It doesn't help when the only instructions are in Czech. Last night I ended up taking it easy and decided not to party (my liver and wallet needed a break). Graham and I went out to dinner. We both wanted traditional Czech cuisine and we found a really nice restaurant. We both ordered the Czech Special: 1/4 of a duck, pork, ham, sausage, dumplings, bread and cabbage. I've never eaten that much meat in one meal haha. There are two things you can count on when eating Czech food 1) They love meat...there was only one option on the menu that didn't have any and 2) Beer is cheaper than water, pop or juice. The meal came out to about $20 Canadian (including a beer) which is more than what i would ever spend on a meal but I decided to splurge and eat authentic. I even tried the cabbage (and disliked it like i thought i would) but I tried! There was so much food that we had to take numerous breaks. We ended up staying there for 3 hours! But it was nice to have that time to chat. Ended up going to bed around 12:30. Woke up early this morning and walked to the train station in the rain :(.  It's almost rained every day of this trip! I really enjoyed's so beautiful and its way safer than I had imagined (I had been warned about eastern Europe). Although I never left the tourist area so maybe that's why. Graham and Nadia were really the only people I met but that was fine since they were really cool people and i liked hanging out with them. I am so excited for Munich. The hostel is supposed to be really nice (we'll see haha). Now that i'm on the train, I'll give my top ten tips for Prague:

1) It's hard to get lost: Finally a city I could get around in! if you get a decent map, its easy to get around. They are much better at labeling their streets here than in other cities I have been to.

2) There's a lot of guys trying to sell people drugs: this is the first time i've encountered this in Europe and there are a lot of them here. They're not pushy though so if you ignore them or shake your head "no", they'll leave you alone.

3) Try the fried cheese: This is not high cuisine in any way, nor is it good for you but they're pretty good. They're sold at the fast food stalls on the street. It was inetresting, I've never seen anything ilke that in Canada.

4) Watch your step: Prague streets are very old and cobblestoned and there are potholes everywhere (not the best city to walk around in for the elderly)

5) If you want Absinthe, this is the place: it's really popular here and sold everywhere. Make sure you get the real stuff and not the touristy knock-off

6) The clock show is pretty lame: Every hour the Astronomical Clock chimes and its windows open and statues of the 12 Apostles rotate through the window. It's not that impressive but the town square is always packed every hour (avoid it at that time if you're trying to walk through)

7) Understand the money before you go: Czech money is brutal. One Canadian dollae is about 16 Czech Koruna so most things are priced in high numbers (eg 175 Korunas for a meal at a fast food place). Make sure you get correct change back (it involves some math)

8) Beer is the cheapest drink here: Prague has the most beer consumption per person than anywhere else in Europe and its cheaper than water here. Their local beer is Pilsner Urquell. Since you can't get tap water at restaurants, you either pay a fortune for bottled water or just get a beer for cheap (not a hard choice for me).

9) English isn't as common as in other places: I found here that not as many people speak English (unless you're on the main tourist streets). The Czech language is extremely confusing for me.

10) Go to Prague Castle: It's worth the walk. It's the biggest castle in Europe, has an incredible view of the city and the cathedral is amazing.

9:51 am: My train was supposed to leave at 9:11 and it is just starting to move now! Looks like i'll be in Munich late :(

peeves says:
I have tons of pics..i've just been lazy. I want to get the blogs written first
Posted on: Oct 16, 2009
globalodyssey says:
very entertaining writing, sounds like a good ride
have you considered getting a camera? a handy tool
Posted on: Oct 16, 2009
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