Day 10: I haven't slept the last two nights but i'm loving it

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4:16 pm:

So last night was a crazy night. I met up with the people I was with earlier on in the day (Note: I forgot to mention a girl from Las Vegas who was also a lot of fun...wish I remembered these peoples' names). We all went to the pub crawl. I have to say it wasn't all that fun. the people weren't as friendly and stuck to their own groups (a bit cliquey). Definitely could not compare to the crawl in London. I left pretty early with the guy from New Zealand and we walked around the RLD for a bit. Then he went off and I was by myself. Instead of going back to the hostel right away i went into a bar/club that I found on the way. Ended up meeting some nice people there. Some Americans. I also met a girl from Germany. Stayed there for a few hours and had a ton of fun. Some events occurred that I don't wish to post lol Definitely an interesting time. I then left and went back to the hostel around 4 and of course all my Scottish buddies were still partying strong lol. Ended up staying up the whole night with them and went straight to breakfast once it opened.
I had to check out at 10:30 this morning but I left my luggage in the holding room because my train doesn't leave until 7:30 pm. After breakfast I decided to go to the Anne Frank house. I got lost trying to find it (my first time lost in Amsterdam). Usually its pretty easy to find your way around here. I waited about 40 minutes to get in the house (long line). It was pretty cool. It was interesting being in the very building where she hid for two years and wrote her famous diary. It was definitely overpriced though. After that I just walked around, did some window shopping, got some fries (my main meal for the last three days), etc. Just a laid back day. I've been trying to kill the last few hours before my train leaves. Its going to be a lonnng ride (14 hours!!!). Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some sleep considering i've had about 5 hours total in the last two days.

8:16 pm:

I made it on the right train!! It took a bunch of questioning on my part but I am now on route to Prague. The sleeper compartment is much smaller than I expected but I'm in the top bunk which has the most room. I'm rooming with a young couple from Australia and a couple from New York. We've been chatting a bit and they're all really nice (I was afriad of being with some wierd family). It'll be getting dark soon so I won't be able to enjoy any of the scenery as we drive through Germany. I am absolutely exhausted though and am looking forwards to 9 hours of sleep (the most I've had since I arrived in Europe). I'll be in Prague before i know it.
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