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I kept a travel journal while i was in Europe. Jotted down stuff along the way to help me remember my trip. Hopefully everyone enjoys it and finds it informative if they ever plan their own trip to Europe. Enjoy!

7:40 am

"My bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside your door. I'd hate to wake you up to say goodbye"
I'm currently in Pearson Airport waiting for my flight (booking starts in two hours). I hate how they want you here three hours early! It never takes that long. I already wish i had someone on this trip with me to talk to. I'm also already exhausted. Its not even 8 am and i've already been up for 4 hours :( The ride here was pretty uneventful (me and a bunch of old people in a Robert Q van for 2 hours). I had to spend two long grueling hours listening to the best of the 60s on the radio (quite a reflection of the people on that van). Why didnt i bring my iPod?? I made it through the airport fine. People were generally nice. The guy at security was a treat. I wonder if bitterness is a requirement to get the job or if you develop it after working there. I wasn't about to ask though. Anyways, not much going on right now so I'll probably go search for something for breakfast since I'm starving. It's going to be a long day. Ps its rainy and foggy (probably a preview of what the weather will be like in London when i get there)

8:04 am:

Sitting in the food court eating an overpriced egg bagel. A group of people sat beside me all wearing swine flu masks. Paranoid much??

12:34 pm:

In NYC! Too bad i'm not leaving the airport (dont want to risk getting lost). The flight here was pretty smooth (only took an hour). The plane was insanely small. I made sure i picked my seat a month ago so i was in the single row. I was NOT going to be cramped beside: a talker, a mom with her screaming child, an "I like to lean on you while i sleep" person, OR a "seatmate of size". The plane was so small that the drink cart almost didnt fit through. I've been surprisingly calm so far (considering now there is no turning back). I haven't started freaking out yet ("yet" being the key word). Currently I am in the food court at a table close to these 3 guys from New York. They are exactly as I imagined New Yorker to be (its stereotypical but they have done nothing to disuade the stereotype). They were all Italian with thicj accents, one is named Tony and one even said the classic "fuggedaboudit" I'm not even lying. This is as close I will get to seeing NYC (perhaps I'll come back in the near future). I've got hours to kill (aaaggh) so i think i'll get some lunch (NY pizza?) and start reading Angels and Demons. This has got to be the most boring start to a trip. Where are my friends so we can play cards the whole time like we did before Vegas. Everything's been easy do far (i hope my backpack is'll be in London way before me).

12:54 pm:

Note - instead of Pizza, I decided to be even more touristy and get a calzone lol. So a large American woman just walked by me wearing an entire outfit of shimmery, plastic-looking gold (tube top, mini skirt, leotards, jacket, big hat, and worst of ugg boots). It's like she woke up and thought "what's the best way I can pretend I'm rich? Aha! Gold Christmas wrapping paper all over my body". I'm sorry but there is no reason to dress like that (unless Flava Flave is picking you up from the airport).

6:30 pm:

On the plane on the way to London. This plane is huge (9 seats across). I'm sitting beside this business guy who is clearly bitter he isn't in First Class. He's not someone I'd rather have a conversation with. Luckily I plan on sleeping the rest of the trip as I am practically falling asleep as I write this. Dinner was really good on the plane and I am looking forward to breakfast. I watched an episode of the office while I ate and if i wasnt so tired i'd watch a movie. At 1 am i'll be in London (except it'll be 6 am their time). Next time i write this, I'll be in Europe!!!!

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photo by: yasuyo