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When I booked the place on the Stuis boat, I received a pretty detailed letter about the trip and life on board. One of the things was, that I should arrive by 1 p.m. And so I did, just to find two of my fellow sailors and one guy who was at the end of his trip, and now just hanging out there waiting for the evening to catch his flight home. It was a cloudy day, and all I had to do on board was small talk and wait. For almost 3 hours. The "Chianti" already had been sailing for a week, coming from Bari, Italy and sailing from Dubrovnik all the way up to Split. The skipper was on his way to the airport to see the old crew off, and welcome the new crew. Two people from the old crew were still here, staying for another week for the trip to Zadar: Hannelore and Helmut, both experienced sailors.

ACI Marina Split

My first impression of the boat was, that it was much smaller than it appeared on the photos. And it had no heating (!), which felt painful on this cloudy and chilly day. I couldn't help wishing myself away to my warm living room at home.

Soon the rest of the crew arrived: Laura and Nicholas, Inge, Guenter and skipper Alfred. Alfred shows us our rooms and Inge and I become room-mates. Next is shopping, we need supplies for a week. Since I'm almost local, I join Alfred and Helmut to a nearby grocery store, and we return with two full shopping carts. Back at the boat we store everything in the most unexpected storing places - it seems that behind, under and above everything there is some kind of locker or cupboard. Then Alfred makes some snacks and we sit at the table that takes up almost all of the room.

It's actually pretty cosy, and for beeing complete strangers it's a nice atmosphere after all.

It's dinner time and we decide to eat out in the city. After a long walk we arrive in downtown Split, and after a stroll through the city and a visit to the Port Authority for registration, we end up in a little konoba. There we meet another Stuis crew, the crew of the sailing boat "Lucky" which has the same trip as we do. The good meal and wine contributes to a good mood, and I get the feeling that this crew will get along well and have a great time together.

We return to the ACI Marina Split where our boat is anchored. When we're in a marina we use their sanitary facilities, reasons I'll explain later, and, on a windy, chilly night this is not so attractive, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Later we sit around the table and everyone introduces himself shortly. It turns out there are three experienced sailors on board plus the skipper, and four of us are complete rookies. Alfred the skipper is a very calm and patient person and he seems not at all concerned about that. Well, I'll worry about that when the monster waves come (Hello, Eric ;)). 

It's way after midnight when we turn in. Our bedrooms are not small, they are tiny, tiny .... well, tiny! We were told to bring our own bed sheets and a sleeping bag, and that's good because on the boat there's only a wool blanket. The night is dark and silent, perfect for a good sleep, but I have this thing about the first night in a new bed, it's not easy. .... At least it's warm.


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ACI Marina Split
ACI Marina Split
our tiny, tiny bedroom
our tiny, tiny bedroom
the tiny, tiny bathroom
the tiny, tiny bathroom
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