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Technically, we didn't pass it, we came in on the wrong road...

Kim had to leave for work before I ever woke up, so I didn't get to officially say good-bye and thank you to her.  Nadalee and I left the apartment about 8:30. We had to MapQuest directions to Over Easy, my breakfast restaurant request.  She was familiar with the area, but didn't know exactly where it was.  When we got close, we were just chattin' away, so we might've had to turn around a couple times, but we finally got there.  The restaurant was crowded, but we were able to claim the only table available.  Over Easy has intimate seating, so much so we were practically in our neighbors' conversations.  I read the menu, debating on the french toast or asparagus omelet, or REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP PANCAKES.  Oh, me, oh, my.  The lady next to us told me she'd eaten the caramel banana french toast and she highly recommended it.

AMAZING caramel-banana brioche French toast
  And since it is what I'd seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Friday night, I went for the caloric splurge.

And, boy, am I glad I did!!  The caramel-soaked brioche french toast with bananas was absolutely decadent.  I wasn't going to eat the whole thing.  I wasn't.  Really.  But, bite by bite, the whole thing disappeared.  All I left was a few pecans and I didn't even feel bad about it.

From Over Easy, Nadalee took me to the airport and dropped me off.  There was no sense in her staying, so I hugged her good-bye and thanked her profusely.  I checked in at the outside kiosk.  As I walked away, I glanced at my ticket and read 'Gonzalez going to Albuquerque'... WHAT???  Luckily, the other paper I was holding was my boarding pass, so I returned the other to the airline attendant.

  Going through security, my nearly empty bottle of Downy Spray was confiscated because it was 4 ounces, over the allowable 3.  I wanted to say that I got through Lambert with it, but I didn't argue. 

I had to do my souvenir shopping in the airport, which I didn't like, but that's what I was left with.  And, still I only got refridgerator magnets and prickly pear jelly, leaving the $50 Cardinals sweatshirt there.  I think I'm a fan, but not $50 worth, yet.  Sitting at the gate, I called both Mom and Dad to tell them that I was about to get on the plane.  I'm about to leave the glorious 80 degree weather for the nasty Central Illinois weather, but Dad did say it was warm enough to shed his sweatshirt, so that's promising.

I must've finally fallen asleep on the plane, but only briefly because there were only three songs on my iPod that I didn't remember hearing.

talking to my dad. Looking back I must've known to take this picture, it was nearly a year to the day later that he passed away.
  We got into St. Louis about 50 minutes early, making it a 2 hour, 18 minute flight, which I though was rather quick, but no complaints here.

No baggage to claim, so I headed straight for my car.  I'd been having scrapbook store withdrawals, so my intentions were to go to Fairview Heights.  Whatever time I made up on the flight was lost in traffic because I arrived in St. Louis at rushhour.  Apparently, this wasn't a holiday for everyone.  Even the expess lane didn't help much, because I still had to sit in traffic.

After my few Fairview errands, I went back to Springfield -- I'm still getting used to the fact I live here now.  So it was up Route 4 to I-55 straight across, back to my apartment, and reality -- I had to grocery shop before I went home.  The alarm will come before I'm ready for it, but I am definitely glad I took this little weekend trip.  I had a really good time seeing the sights of Phoenix, enjoying the weather, and visiting with Kim and Nadalee.

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Technically, we didnt pass it, we…
Technically, we didn't pass it, w…
AMAZING caramel-banana brioche Fre…
AMAZING caramel-banana brioche Fr…
talking to my dad.  Looking back I…
talking to my dad. Looking back …
the ultimate bite - banana and bri…
the ultimate bite - banana and br…
a YUMMY omelette
a YUMMY omelette
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