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I went to a place not that far from my hotel called Schäffer, a trendy place with a good atmosphere and many people in it.  I had started with Aal Soupe, or eel soup, actually very tasty and you see that it was fresh being a port city where fish is readily available.  While there I sat at the bar, I did a lot of visiting with the wait staff.  I kind of just asked them for suggestions on what I should eat thought I knew I wanted to eat lighter, otherwise I will come back 30 pounds heavier J .  I had a little bit of fish, that I still don’t know what kind and it came with some peas and a little side salad, perfect.  I asked about the local beer, he gave3 me a Ratsherrn, as always very tasty.

  Watching this the people behind the bar you realized that it really is an art to pouring a drink.  No beer is just pulled from the draft right a way, the pour it about half way, let it sit, let it settle then pour some more until it is about 3/5ths full.  Then top it off with a perfect head that actually lasts the whole time you are drinking the beer.  I liked it so much I had two of them J, nope actually three.  Then after the meal one of the best things around is…Schnapps!  Yum, now for Americans this is again something that we really don’t think about and or appreciate.  What ever that apple schnapps we serve is not real schnapps.
  This is very smooth, and comes from Hamburg, called Helbing (1836) official long title is Heinrich Helbing Hamburg.  This is drunk as an after dinner drink that helps the digestion of the food. 

            After this meal I walked around just enjoying the way people interact and wandering with a purpose, or maybe at this hour without one and enjoying life, at a café, a restauraunt, a bar or just walking around chatting with friends.  If you think about our lives, sometimes my own people are running around, running around and for what?  The things that we think are important really should be evaluated again and again and again.  Most of the things we do are just not that damn important!  Traveling to gives you the idea that we have a beautiful world and allows you the time to step back, step out of yourself and find what you are really about.

  It also allows you to walk miles in others shoes, you see that our quick reactions, our personal philosophy’s, our stupid political ideologies don’t compare with the human touch, speech.  Why have we lost this?  Because we live to work and not work to live!  We all need a purpose we all need to have work, but we need to find out who we are at the very core of our lives.  Carpe Diem!  Seize the Day!  Enjoy life, enjoy your friends, enjoy your travels, most of all I hope it allows us to stay away from the pettiness of our world.  Gute Nacht, Gute Reise, Gute Leben!


Day 6: Travelling to Köln


            The famous German writer Johan Wolfgang von Goethe uses these words from the main character Faust; “Was bin ich den, wenn es nicht möglich ist, Der Menschheit Kronze zu erringen, Nach der sich alle Sinne Dringen?”  “What am I, if I can never hope to hold the crown of my humanity which is the aim of all my senses?”  This charge gives us something to think about.

  One of the things that makes me so enamored by this land is the Zeitgeist, or wayof thinking that to some might be over thought but to others it gives us an insight to the constant tension of life.  The history of this land of great works of art, great industry, great churches, great philosophers and writers, and of course great tragedy, terror and pain gives us a model, not always right, but to know life should be taken seriously. 

            Our humanity is a gift and if it is made in the image and likeness of God should we not enter into that struggle head on, not only that but to live life as to hold the crown of humanity and let that crown shine.  Yet it seems that all too often we settle for the state of which life has given us.  Yes we have things that we must be responsible for.  While on the train watching kids go by they really have a lot to teach us.

  We need to be childlike.  We should not be childish, but childlike.  They live blissfully in the moment, not with the hang-ups and predjudices or even at times jealousy we all to often live with.  They also trust!  The little child can go up to their mother or father, lift their hands up and trust that they will be taken close to them and that they will protect them.  Well I digress from the travel, but isn’t this part of it? 

            The day is cloudy and little bits of rain so not a bad day for travelling the four hours from Hamburg to Köln.
  On the way next to me the train is very full and I was chatting with a woman who is on her way to see her boyfriend outside of Köln.  She is from Lübeck in Northern Germany, we were talking a bit about how big the states are and they love to come there, yet she even knows where Kansas City is, well ‘bis Spater’, till later!
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photo by: Petitsing