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Day 3:  Berlin


            Setting out early I went to navigate the public transportation, I have a two day transit pass for 16,50 which also give me discounts at many museums and other items.  I was able to get to the Brandenburg Tor or Brandenburg Gate.  To think of the great history of this location especially with the wall that was up the convergence of people and the way it was a source of passion for many causes and “ism’s” Communism, Nazism, etc.  Then I walked around the Massive “Reichstag” or the Capital of the country.  Coming back in the subway the station around the Brandenburg Gate had a great item on the area since its existence. Then it was back for a hearty breakfast, paid my bill for the two nights, now I am going to take a quick shower and off to “Checkpoint Charlie” and the remains of the Berlin Wall at the “Ost gallerie”.

            After breakfast and a shower I went out, already from the morning learning the subway system, which is fantastic by the way, I went to the “Mauermuseum” or Check Point Charlie museum.  It was interesting to see this place which was pivitol and area that people risked their lives for a taste of freedom.  This little place in the middle of the street was also an area that that East met West, Capitalism met head on with Communism.  Once this struggle was over we don’t know the depth, we don’t know the cost of what people did and were about.  Those who would make the ulitimate sacrifice to run, to hide, to climb a wall, not insurmountable but some lost their lives because people thought they could wall in freedom.  After this, staying with the same theme I went to the OstGalerie or East Gallery, where the largest section of the wall is still standing.  This area has become an area that was and is an artists greatest expression of freedom.  Afterwards I went to a little Turkish place to have a famous Berlin dish of Currywurst, I have to say that I was not as impressed as I thought I might be it is a Wurst, which is good with kind of a ketschup with a little curry pepper.  I might need to try it again at some point but it wasn’t as good as advertized. 

            Following this small lunch I went to a Western center of the city, where the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedäctniskirche is, or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is.  This church as the rest of Berlin was heavily bombed.  Instead of rebuilding the church as much of the country was they decided to leave the structure that is still standing and built a new modern church close to it as a memorial to the horrors of war.  This is a Evangelishe or Lutheran Church and I arrived just as the bell tower wash chiming for a good long time and a minister was giving about a two minute reflection at 1pm.  By this time I was tired, I had walked and walked and walked and walked some more.  I should have just thrown in the towel but I walked around Potsdamer platz which is a new or modern area around the old West German main station.  Coming back to my place I stopped for an espresso, there I met Shirley from Denmark and Llena from Germany or Berlin over a coffee we talked about the state of our lives and their hopes for their lives.  I returned to my room very tired, but knew I better not fall asleep or I might not have ever fallen asleep tonight.  I did lay down for twenty minutes, took a shower and went out, tired, legs and even knee tired, and went back to the Cathedral for Mass, tonight was one of the Bishops that was the celebrant, very well done like last night.  I met the women I met today for dinner, in the same area the Nikolaiviertel at a place called St. George’s.  We had a good meal and parted ways as they had plans for the evening.  I walked back but for some strange reason just wanted to do some more walking and walked all around.  After this I came back home for a little while just to rest then went to the local internet café.  A good day though I thought in a few hours the first day I had more going on.  I am writing this at about 12:15.  I have been up since almost five and have no business being up anyway.  Gute Nacht!
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photo by: CFD