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Day 2:  Frankfurt to Berlin


            I am writing this from the train on my way to Berlin.  I am pretty excited as this is my first time to Berlin, but really Northern and the former East German Republic.  So far I have not been that tired as I got some good sleep Saturday night before my trip.  It will be interesting to see if this was a good idea to take such a long train trip after a long flight.  As I am writing this the ICE Train #692 From Frankfurt Hbf to Berlin Hbf is going 249 km/h.

  Really amazing the train system that they have here.  The train is not all that full and we are going through terrain of hills, lots of trees, which are turning colors so nicely, remind you a lot of some of the rolling hills of Missouri.  The last stop that we went through was Fulda, where St. Boniface is buried and where I will be going on my last full day in Germany. 

            When I was waiting for my train at Frankfurt Hbf, it was so interesting to watch people making their way in and out of the station, rushing from one place to another, young, old, richer and poorer, mainly German but with a good mix of many people from throughout our wonderful world.  Where are they going what is on their mind.  We really should see the beauty of this, and really the art of it.  I love it, already captivated by it.  There is something about being in Europe at a train station; you see that there is life.  Life, which in its motion is both wandering aimlessly and for a purpose all at the same time.  While ordering at Chocolate Croissant and a Milchkaffee, the age old question of capitalism comes from the Turkish man behind the counter; Grosse Kaffee?  Nein, kleine kaffee.  That is enough but we must be asked do we want more, do we need more, and won’t you buy more?  No I respond but savoring it just the same.  Well enough for now, time to kick back and enjoy the rest of the ride to Berlin, I should be there in two hours or so.
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photo by: CFD