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Morning stroll down some side streets as I look for the nearest 7/11

Despite the rough ending to the night before, I woke up feeling pretty good.  Brett had to work again today, so he and I were up about the same time. After coffee was made, I was all set for a lazy day just lounging around the apartment with Erin. Sometime during mid-morning I took a stroll down to the nearest store to buy some coffee creamer, but other than that, we didn't do anything all day. But I was ready for a day of relaxing, and there's never a dull moment around Erin! I spent some of my time upoading pictures and chatting with Asri on the internet.

We also had to figure out where we would eat supper, as this would be my last night in Taipei. Erin searched for an Italian restaurant online and found one called the L'Idiot, which claimed to be Italian.

The name alone hooked us, and so when Brett got back from work we caught a taxi to the L'Idiot. Well, it wasn't exactly Italian, although they did have lasagna. The interior of this place was almost as curious as the name. We brought a bottle of our own wine and ordered duck for Brett, pork chop for Erin, and lasagna for me. I won't go into any more detail of this place (I already did a review on it).

On our way back home we had an interesting experience, though. The taxi driver nearly slammed into a pedestrian crossing the street with his bicycle. And suddenly the driver and pedestrian began yelling at each other. Before we knew what was happening, our driver stopped in the middle of the busy street, put the car in park, and got out. The pedestrian was approaching us. They continued their tirade while we sat in the car in disbelief. It looked like there was going to be a fight right there, but then I guess they both thought better of it. The driver got back in the car and the pedestrian went his own way. Erin and I just laughed from the back seat as the driver talked a hundred miles per hour in Taiwanese to Brett as he calmly sat there pretending to understand everything the driver was saying.

When we arrived back to the apartment, it wasn't long before I retired to bed. Brett would be taking me to the airport early, and we still had a funeral to attend in the morning.

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Morning stroll down some side stre…
Morning stroll down some side str…
The two idiots!!!!
The two idiots!!!!
photo by: Deats