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Now you may be saying, "Deanna, I get that you can walk on with your luggage like this, but you've told us to buy a bunch of stuff at our destinations, how am I going to fit it all in?"
  • Send stuff home:  Especially if you're souvenir shopping.  Once you've gotten a load of souvenirs head to the post office and send yourself a package.  This will help with peace of mind, you won't damage or loose your precious loot along the way while making room in your bag.  It also feels like your birthday when you head home and have a package to open.  While you're at it, go ahead and throw in those extra clothes I told you not to bring that you're not wearing or those travel doodads you couldn't leave home without.
  • Find creative ways to expand your pack:  If you're running out of room you can always lash things to the outside.  I personally prefer not to do this, I feel like I have much greater chance of loosing it.  If I'm going to lash anything to the outside of my pack it's going to be a bag of dirty laundry.
  • Get rid of things you don't need:  Like that guidebook to Laos... you've already moved through that country, trade your book for something else, look for travelers heading in the opposite direction.  I bet someone coming from Cambodia would trade their guide book for yours.   I personally love the bartering aspect of traveling. 
sylviandavid says:
skip the brochures about things in the area... they weigh a lot to carry around... We pack an extra bag for the trip home.... But we have mailed home too.
Great ideas... Great blog! Sylvia
Posted on: Oct 15, 2009
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