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When I pack my goal is to be able to travel with everything in two carry on bags.  Being able to carry on gives you tremendous advantages in a number of ways. 
  • Skip luggage lines:  I've breezed through hours long check in lines.  Usually I self check in at a kiosk to get my boarding pass.  If the airport doesn't have a kiosk I usually approach one of the attendants at the lines and say, "I have no bags to check, is there a quicker line where I can get my boarding pass?"  I've always been directed to a much shorter line that takes a couple minutes. 
  • You have everything you could possibly need with you:  If you get stuck at an airport, you have everything you need for a (relatively) comfortable stay. 
  • You can be flexible with your flights:  I've changed flights because I found an earlier flight and wanted to get to my destination sooner or because I want to take advantage of an upgrade.  You don't have to worry about your luggage making it because it's all with you.
  • No lost luggage:  You can skip the baggage claim and the beads of sweat as you anxiously wait for your bag to roll out
  • Safer:  It makes you a smaller target as you don't have as much stuff as most people.  You can put both bags in the back of the taxi so you don't have that moment of getting out of the taxi and wondering if the guy is going to drive away with your bag in his trunk. 
  • It makes you more mobile:  you're not weighed down and can walk further with your stuff.  You're more likely to seek out a ho(s)tel that's better located or with a better ambiance rather than taking the first available thing.
I think this type of packing works best for people on a trip of a couple weeks or longer (I'd say even those going for a year or longer) and to areas where you'll occasionally run into to access of basic goods like clothes and toiletries. 
jethanad says:
ditto everything ,

change flights? used to b able to do that in the past, not any more.
Posted on: May 12, 2010
sylviandavid says:
Love this... we carry on...
Posted on: Oct 15, 2009
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