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On our last day in Krakow we decided to head to the Jewish quarter. While some parts were nice and the food/drink was even cheaper, we didn't really feel overly impressed with it, possibly because I have little interest in seeing Jewish religious buildings. So we decided to cross the river Wisla and find the factory of Oskar Schindler, the largely unknown German buisnessman who's deeds became famous following Spielberg's 1993 film. After much searching, repeatedly going the wrong way and getting dubious direction fromn a Polish guy who, in his defence, did genuinly try to help but I'm not convinced was totally sure where we wanted to go (he directed us to the cities power plant) we eventually found the Schindler Factory.

Not in the nicest part of town, I'd love to say it was interesting and contained much...but it didn't. For a fee of 10PLN you get to see one small room full of writing, a staircase which has a film in Polish halfway up and an empty room at the top, which may or may not have been Schindlers office. Pretty lame, all in all. You don't get to go inside the factories or anything. They do appear to be having a grand re-opening in 2010 through so hopefully it'll get better as lets be honest, they couldn't make it much worse.

Nevertheless, it was kinda cool to actually see it and the factory gates are still intact. Afterwards we headed back to the Old Town to find food (with me still feeling dodgy from the night before) and spent the rest of our final full day in Poland walking around and looking in shops. We went to a fish resturant for dinner which was nice but we didn't stay out late as we had an early flight the next day.

So concludes my visit to Poland which all in all was a pretty decent weekend away. While Poland's prices are steadily rising due to the economic co-operation within the European Union, it's still pretty cheap as of the time of writing this. So I recommend anyone planning to go does it now before it's costs end up on par with the rest of the EU, much like whats happening in Prague, Riga, etc. Plus Polish people can be pretty friendly, once you get beyond that initally cold demeanor!

Dr_Seuss says:
Nothing worse than over doing it after a night of over doing it ;)
Posted on: Oct 30, 2012
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