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After arriving in Birmingham Airport in personal record time (1h45 for what should be a 2h30 trip) we awaiting the opening of passport control and headed into the departure lounge in BHX Terminal 2 and sat for a while, with a Weatherspoon's fry-up (foul), for our early morning flight to Krakow. Little to report bar my friend amusingly purchasing the day's copy of 'The Independant' and then handing it over to the flight attendant at boarding (for some reason) only to remark as we boarded the plane "wait! Where's my paper?!" 2 hours later I awoke to the cheerful announcment that another Ryanair flight had apparently arrived on-time in Krakow Airport.

We caught the train into Krakow proper and spent 30 minutes attempting to find our hotel which was actually much better located than expected, literally across the road from the Old Town. Standard 3 star stuff, nothing interesting to report bar that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, the staff were rather abrupt (we'd later find this something of a trend amoung Polish people, althrough not all). From there we decided to head to Wawal Castle which we did. The place itself was pretty impressive and well preserved as was the cathedral that housed the tombs of several Polish King's of long ago and other important people. Kinda the Westminster Abbey of Poland. After brushing aside a tour guide who insisted if I didn't pay for his services I wouldn't know what I was seeing (apparently I can't read the English translations below) we headed back down to the Old Town and spend the sunny, yet a touch chilly, day exploring the town through it's many streets south to north, althrough the fact we stopped for a beer roughly every 300 feet made this take rather a long time. Eventually we ended up back in Market Square to watch some sort of Olympic presentation (at least that's my suspicion, I can't speak Polish) before going for dinner in a place near the city Gate (I forget the Gate's name, began with an F). Afterwards we searched around for some jazz bars but didn't stay long, as none had any live music that night.

And so ended an enjoyable first day in Krakow, althrough we went to bed by 11, having been up for some 22 hours.

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