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After the desaster with the outward journey you might think it couldn't come worse. Hahaha, you're wrong!! Deutsche Bahn did it again.

Arriving Hannover in time at my journey back to Papenburg I heard this familiar announcement again: Deutsche Bahn apologize for any inconvenience!!! My first thought: This can't be true!!!

What happend this time? The ICE (InterCityExpress) from Frankfurt / Main to Bremen had a technical damage and Deutsche Bahn replaced it by an IC which isn't as fast as the ICE and this caused a delay of 30 minutes which made it impossible for me to reach my connection train to Leer. Where I had to reach the last train of the day to Papenburg. So, waiting in Hannover, I already knew that I won't arrive home that night. Not by train. What to do?

The guy at the information booth at the platform wasn't really helpfull. He told me everything will be managed at the train. Next to me stood a train conductor (waiting for his train home to Bremen) and he was very polite. He told me to go to the service point at the Bremen station and they'll give me a taxi voucher for my journey back home.

There was another long queue at the service point in Bremen as I feared already. When it was my turn the lady at the desk was very polite. I thought I would take the train to Leer (which is only 20 km from my hometown) and drive home by taxi then. She offered me a taxi from Oldenburg (80 km away) since I would be home earlier then :) I thanked her and went off to reach my train to Oldenburg. This is just a 25 minutes journey but Deutsche Bahn made a 15 minutes delay possible. Well, I didn't mind at all. My taxi would wait for me :) I was just happy that I didn't had to reach one more connection train.

I was home at 11.45 p. m. Only 1 hour late :)

I'm an accountant and if I sum up all those malfunctions it's no wonder that Deutsche Bahn is in the red. I paid 133 € in total for the ticket, minus 50 % refund for the delay at the outward journey  = 33,25 €, minus 85,00 € taxi back home = 14,75 € for a return ticket. Hehehe, that's a very bad result. I can't imagine that any company can survive such a missmanagement for long.

All in all I must say that most employees of Deutsche Bahn were very polite and tried to help you with the situation. A big thank you for that. They really don't have an easy job. The malfunctions aren't their fault but they have to listen to the complaints of the travellers. And some of them were really pissed off and not very nice.

Well, the next try will follow in november. Fingers crossed ;) 

29.10. 2009
P.S. I got the refund letter from Deutsche Bahn today :D Wow, they are fast. They only needed 2 1/2 weeks to work on my form. Good work due to the mass of delays ;)
bigmac993 says:
In the US Amtrak is much worse and only stay in business because of government subsidy. Nice blog!
Posted on: Nov 15, 2009
aloneinthecrowd says:
Hehehe, if they are as fast with the transport as they are with the money transfer lots of trouble can be avoided :p
Posted on: Oct 30, 2009
Koralifix says:
They are extremely good at apologizing. ;)
Posted on: Oct 30, 2009
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