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The ride near to an end and for half an hour i was alone in my cabine now i realized that i was in Holland and only a few minutes away from Amsterdam!!!

FLASH!!!! I was alone in Amsterdam!!!!  A young pretty girl from Vienna was alone in Amsterdam!!! Wicked!!!

If you ask me a half an year ago would you travel alone? I would have said NO. But since Thailand i change my mind and it was the best idea what i had for the last time. I think every person should go once in a liftetime on a single trip! It isn't pitful it is admirable!!! It makes you stronger and when you can survive in a diffrent country you can survive in every part in your life.


Here we go! After i arrived at my Hostel (without i found with no any problems ;)  ) i went out for a walk around the city. I had no plan where i want to go i only want to see the canals, the typical dutch houses, the famous coffeeshops, ....

It was my first time that i was in a diffrent city by my own so i want to feel pretty and i wear a skirt with leggings and my pink converse ;) A special outfit wich i would never wear in Austria ;)

After i turn a second time over the corner a freaky man want to speak with me i didn't gave him any attention and i walk further. So what happen later? The man follow me and spoke something dutch i guess oohh shit now it is spuky!!! He cames closer to me and i feel upset and i say to him go away!!! It is strange you want to go out like in Vienna and you didn't guess something could happen to you but it isn't so.

You are in a diffrent country and the people are diffrent.

It's curious but Amsterdam and Vienna is not so far away but everything is so diffrent the streets with they houses, the food!!! Everywhere are hot dog stands, french fries stands and food machines!!! I shocked when i saw the food machines!!!

I spent my day with exploring Amsterdam and a old workmate of mine now she is on a internship in amsterdam gave me an adress where we could met. I was such as surprised I found the street and later even the right number!!! I felt so good ;) We went for an coffee and she gave me some tips where i could go later because she has to went back home she don't live in Amsterdam.

Later i had to change my clothes it was so freezing cold!!! I went to the sex museum just for joke ;) and than to Leidesplain i took a seat at Boom Chicago and drunk a cup of tea yeah it was so cold and i had no jacket only a waistcoat!!! I lost my jacket on my way to Munich and since than i don't find a new one ;( 


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photo by: pearcetoyou