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In the morning, after breakfast, we went back into the desert. Luckily I had no trouble breathing now. The landscape was beautiful, and there were eagles and other big birds, but I guess it's the people that were the most interesting. They were coming in through the desert for the market, many of them all the way from Mali, my boyfriend said. They brought goats and donkeys and camels, most of them walking, or riding donkeys. Dressed in traditional clothes, so beautiful even from a distance. We sat for hours just watching them pass by - or at least I did, my boyfriend slept in my lap for most of the time.

Later we went to check out the archaeological site. It was small but interesting. A team of mostly German archaeologists dug up a large house with seven rooms, inhabited by one family and dating back to the tenth century, when the area was an important stop on the trans-saharan trade route.

the archeological site
They started digging when they found one column sticking out of the sand. They found a slave chain here, which is a rather unique find. The house was destroyed by fire, most likely after being invaded by an enemy tribe. They found skeletons of a man, woman and baby who must have died during the fire. The woman and baby were found in the kitchen. Quite sad really. They're looking for funds to further research the area, I would guess there's a lot more there, buried underneath the sand, it can't have been just one house. Mero, my guide to the site, spoke English pretty well, a rarity in Burkina.

We had tea outside the site, then returned to the town, where the market was bustling. We even found some bags of coldish water, a real treat. Then we said our goodbyes, got back in the car and headed for Gorom Gorom.

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the archeological site
the archeological site
Pathe with the guides who work at …
Pathe with the guides who work at…
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People coming into Oursi for the …
this was the kitchen
this was the kitchen
photo by: seraphimkarlien