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From Gorom-Gorom, we went to a nearby village, Koirezena. Google can't find it on the map, and no guidebook seems to mention it (and I own 3 in 3 different languages). Yet even when we were driving through to get to the campement, I could see it was exceptionally beautiful. If I got it correctly, it's officially a part of Gorom Gorom, but it had quite a distinct atmosphere of its own.

After we rested at the campement for a while, I went for a walk around the village with Albert. He turned out to be a great guide. I joked to my boyfriend later that from now on I would travel with him as a guide.

Most inhabitants of Koirezena belong to the Songhai tribe. Their houses are made of mud, which is good because it's a bad heat transmitter, and bad because it doesn't hold up well when it rains.

Albert with some kids from the village
So the people have to repair their house once or twice a year. But mudbrick architecture is found all over Burkina, so that's not what makes this village stand out. What's special is that the women decorate their houses before every muslim holiday, making everything very colourful. I could've taken a million pictures, but I was wary of taking pictures of people's houses, so I just went with one. Which doesn't really bring out the painting inside very well, but I guess if you really want to see it, you should go there and check it out for yourself.

It seemed like all of the children in the village wanted to shake my hand, and know my name, though that was about all the French most of them knew probably. Oh, the joys of travelling off the beaten path. Some kids asked me to take their picture. My boyfriend will have to go and hunt down their parents to give them the print later. Albert also introduced me to some women who were painting their feet with black henna. I'm not sure why they do this, but I guess it's no odder than painting your nails.

It looked like it might get windy again, so we pitched a tent, which was not that easy in the dark, especially since apparantly it had been packed wrong after the last time it was used. When I went to sleep into the tent it was way too hot though, so I dragged my mattress out and slept in front of the tent. My boyfriend went to sleep inside the tent. But then in the middle of the night it got real windy, and I was afraid it could start pouring any minute. So I woke up my boyfriend and took my mattress back inside, which was a bit tricky as the tent didn't really fit both of our mattresses. In the end it didn't rain after all, and everyone else, including a group of at least 15 French people, slept outside and were fine. But at least now we didn't take the tent with us for nothing.



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Albert with some kids from the vil…
Albert with some kids from the vi…
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