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I have wasted the whole day trying to call and e-mail Royal Air Maroc, and I still know nothing. No flights from Belgium until at least 8:00 tomorrow, probably until 14:00. I will try again tomorrow morning, and if that doesn't work, I'll go to the airport to see if they can change my flight there. With my luggage, 'cause you never know. But the most realistic option is probably to change both my going and return flights to a week later. That would also give my boyfriend an extra week to get his visa so will increase the odds we would be able to fly back to Belgium together. I just hope it's OK for work. Going to work next week would be good because we're super busy, but it would also mean my vacation will overlap with a colleage's for a few days.

At least I was able to warn my boyfriend, so he doesn't have to wait outside the airport in the middle of the night for no reason. Sometimes we can't reach each other for days, and today we managed two calls. Both of which got disconnected after a few minutes, but at least he knows what's going on now. Or - he knows as much as I do. That I won't be in Ouaga tonight, but nothing more.

Oh well. Unless I can acquire a time machine and another machine to stop to volcano from errupting, there's nothing I can do.


lauro says:
at least you made it! lol
Posted on: May 20, 2010
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I still didn't manage to reach Royal Air Maroc. I get waiting music, and then "press 1 for ..." and no matter what I press, either the message just keeps going, or I get a busy tone. The travel agency through which I booked says there's nothing they can do and I should go to the airport. The news is saying DON'T go to the airport. So I'll just keep calling, and if I still can't get through in a couple of hours, go to the airport.
I was supposed to fly to Ouagadougou, via Casablanca, at 15:20 today. And then the volcano erupted... Yesterday they said no flights from Belgium until 10:00 this morning, more news at 8:00, so I set my alarm. And started swearing when the news came on: no flights until 20:00. Since then I've been trying to reach the airline and the travel agency through which I booked, but no luck yet :(
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