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This was the first time I flew with Afriqiyah airlines, and I was pretty happy with them. Their service was excellent, their food was the best I ever had on an airplane (i.e., it was edible) and the censored movies were amusing (apparantly, even teenage girls' knees can be offensive to some, as are any references to religions other than Islam - I never had so much fun watching goody-goody American sitcoms!).

Upon arrival in Tripoli, we were met by men with mouth masks and rubber gloves, and we had to fill out a form that would somehow prevent us spreading Mexican flue around Lybia. Whilst filling out the form, I put down my shoulder bag, bottle of water and sealed plastic bag with perfume I bought @ Brussels airport (presents for my boyfriend and his mother). When I continued to the transit lounge, I only took my shoulder bag ... As soon as I realised, I turned around to get the other things back, but apparantly that was not allowed. The security guard told me not to worry and just go through security and have my ticket checked, etc. I was fairly sure I'd just made a pretty expensive mistake, but miraculously, after explaining the situation to several airport people until someone finally understood enough English to comprehend where I had left my bag (no, not on the plane, I'm not that stupid), and sent an Afriqiyah staff member to find it, which he did :) Only the perfume, not the bottle of water, but I didn't much care about that.

The only bad thing about Afriqiyah was that they arrived in Ouaga (despite leaving Tripoli in time) about 45 minutes late. Someone had told my bf it would be at least 2 hours late, so he left the airport. So I arrived there expecting to see him and was sorely dissapointed. Luckily some guy let me use his cell phone in exchange for some small Euro coins, and we *finally* saw each other again after almost half a year.



Dalmia says:
It warms my heart to read your blog after all you've been through to get to this point....finally! :)
Posted on: Oct 12, 2009
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