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Lord Shiva - The Destroyer
According to Hindu mythology, there are 3 works that God performs - Creation, Protector and Destroyer. P.B. Shelley said 'If winter comes can spring be far behind?' and this is work of Lord Shiva - to destroy. Everything that has birth also has an end. A new order comes to force changing the older one. Lord Shiva blesses with small worshiping, even a tumbler of water poured on 'Shivling' can get you blessings. He resides in the crematory grounds and is God of ghosts and vampires. Lord Shiva is adored with half crest moon on his head from where river Ganga flows purifying the sins of the vicious. He wears no garment but a snake - 'Cobra' in his neck. His neck is blue in colour because to save the universe he drank poison and stopped it in his neck. So, he gets the name 'Neelkanth' - blue neck. All the snakes and snake charmers worship Lord Shiva because he is God of snakes. He holds a trident in his hand to destroy and destruct by dancing and opening his third eye - 'Tandav', when he blesses or gets happy he dances to bless everyone - 'Natraj'. This statue is one of the tallest ones in New Delhi. It is a very popular spot for tourists. You can also purchase many worshiping material from the shop near the statue. All in all, very enjoyable. Best time to visit is in evening or in the early morning because New Delhi is a hot city. May Lord Shiva bless all!!!
kikomanzoni says:
txs for sharing this monumental place. I'm back from nepal and now ready to go to india, maybe 2012. there is still much to learn about hinduism, before :)
Posted on: May 08, 2011
Kathmandu1 says:
Similar one here in Bhaktapur, Nepal too. The statue of Shiva here is 143ft tall and world's tallest Shiva standing on the hill seeing the Kathmandu valley. :)
Posted on: Aug 27, 2010
huibdos says:
Bless you, for sharing
Posted on: Jul 10, 2010
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Lord Shiva - The Destroyer
Lord Shiva - The Destroyer
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New Delhi
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