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It was half 6 in the morning. Oh gosh.. I got a boat to catch to St Malo. I left home at 0745hrs to meet my friend Tony and Darren. We gotta be at the ferry terminal by 0820hrs. Phone started ringing.. "Where are ya guys?".. We are on our way.. Its our company day trip and my 1st since I joined the bank.

As usual, the boat is late and worst still, it only has 3 propellors.. It took us almost 2 hrs to get to St Malo. But wait.. before that, everyone started drinking??? At half 10 in the morning? Are u kidding me?? Volka shots, volka orange!! Carla, Abbey, Ruth... what are u ladies doing???I was having sea sick.. Did I mentioned I dun do well on boats!! I down 2 pills.. and there voila, I am active as a bird.. We got off the boat, took a bus and finally after 45 mins, I reached Rennes.

Our 1st pitstop at the resturant which we ordered 10 bottles of wine, 4 beers.

. Next came our food.. My fish soup, salmon as main, and chocolate cake as dessert.. top up with espresso at the end.. what a nice meal indeed..and not forgetting 5 glasses of wine..

Next, we realised it was almost 3.. we gotta leave in another 3 hrs.. we left the resturant, walked towards the town.. Myself, Tony, Darren and Roxy walked towards the direction where most people walked to.. the blind leading the blind.. There goes Roxy.. after 1 min of walking, she told us.. boys.. i need to look at this shop, and again n again n again.. Until we lost her... Ladies.... Anyway, Tony, Darren and I walked towards the crowds and I must say.. it was fantastic.. the town, the architecture, tres bien.

We sat at a bar... The waiter came.. as none of us really knows french well.

.. the waiter said in french "do you want to eat".. I replied in french..."Oui, ou est le menu?"... Tony gave me look... and said, what the hell are u doing.. we just eaten!!!!! then i realised oops... it "manger" in french.. not "bois"

Anyway after 2 rounds, we left the bar and head straight to a convenient store where Darren bought 1 bottle of volka and 2 cokes as mixtures.. We headed back to the resturant where the bus is waiting for us and time flies.. its almost 6... Everyone got onto the bus.. and u can tell everyone is drunk..... The funni thing was.. I forgot to pee before i got up the bus!!!! Oh shoot.. "I neeed to peeeee".... I need to pee right now in the bus!! I cant deal with it anymore.

... but wait.....before u guys think otherwise!!! I did not.

. I apparently ran towards the nearest toilet right away... what a nice relieve...

We didnt stop there.. more drinks to come before the boat ride, on the boat ride and after the boat ride!!! Oh my god.. my friends sure can drink... we ended our night at The Bar at the waterfront after we arrived back to Jersey...

What a day trip... NO ONE GOT A HANGOVER!!! I am surprised.....

Well, i must say, Rennes is really really nice..I will recommend those who are going, stay for a night and experience the culture.. I was a bit gutted not able to stay overnight.. but well, am sure will have another chance..

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photo by: LadyMaja