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The first part

I translated my newsarticle about the Dutch prisoners i've met in Peru.
The article is from the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands so it's in Dutch but here's the translation:

Foundation Overijsselse Jasper helps Dutch drugsprisoners.
Prisonhorror in Peru by Johan van den Dongen.

"It's the living hell on earth,hell can't be worser" Prisoners are walking with 30cm knifes,overcrowded and the stench"
Jasper Bloemendal (19) from Enter could not believe his eyes in the notorious prisons in Peru,where a lot of Dutch drugtrafficers are sentenced.
The experiance was so shocking that Jasper started his own foundation for Dutch Prisoners in Peru.
Cause Jasper wants to help those people with soap, a toothbrush bottles with water,soup at Christmas and a pen,paper and stamps and clothes.
If they are guilty or not, "that something to you do not wish to your worst enemy"
They have nothing in that prison, except some clothes they are still wearing while they got caught.

The picture

Some people walk in the same clothes for years.

Jasper have seen a lot of tvprograms about the prisons in South-America.
"I didn't knew it was so worst, i needed to check it out"

That's the way how Jasper got in Lima, Peru, the country where Dutch drugtrafficers get caught every month with cocaine in their luggage.
With 20 arrest every year is Holland on the 3th place with busted drugtrafficers on the international airport of Lima.

Peruvian cocaine is populair because the quality is extreme good.
Drugtrafficers are thrown literally in the prisons.
A few gram in you're luggage is enough to get 8 till 25 years to rot away in the notorious Sarita Colonia or the Lurigancho prison.
They can forget to go back to the Netherlands because Holland doesn't have a WOTS-convention with Peru.

The second part

With corruption Jasper could enter the prison with all his stuff.
"for a few Soles or a candybar you can enter the next checkpoint in the prison"
I gave a security guy my list with 16 names of Dutch prisoners.
But there where only 15 of them, 1 commited suicide.
What you see is undescribeable: Worser is impossible.

In Callao 4000 prisoners are thrown in a dirty old bunker build for 800 prisoners.
There is one guard for 100 prisoners.
The prisoners are the boss, they kill and rape.
The Dutch guys think they never gonna survive this hell.
Security guards are corrupt and aggressive.
There is no privacy.
2 prisoners try to sleep on a thin cardboard.
Everywhere you hear and see people screaming.

Everywhere are prisoners, on every stair step,the windowsill,the tables everywhere!
Even on the "toilets"
The heat and stench are undiscribeable, the food is to dirty to touch it.
Many prisoners are sick and addicted.

The Dutch prisoners where begging Jasper to help them and get attention for them.
They never had any visit and they donĀ“t have contact with their families anymore.
"They are loneley, i gave them 20kg of drop )dutch candy) and they thanked me for everything"

Jasper says drugtrafficing is "superstupid"
He doesn't care about if they are guilty or not.
"Iam not a judge, iam just a simple farmer who lives in a small village in the east-part of Holland"
"They told me that they got tricked by Amsterdam maffia."
"The customs asked an old Dutch guy (67) to give his luggage for a "check" and he got his suitcase back in another suitcase."
"Later his girlfriend told the police she is the guilty but both of them are sentenced to prison for 25 years."
"Right now he is already 4 years in Peru, 21 years to go in this hell"

Please everyone, check my website:

almelovakr says:
No problem Heather, i send you a PM
Posted on: Nov 03, 2009
2bheathermarie says:
I have been searching endlessly night and day looking for info about the Sarita Colonia Prison,Peruvian Law,& for Lawyers in Callao Peru. Your article really caught my eye!!! My boyfriend is American & was just Locked up & sent to Sarita Colonia on 10-10-2009. I'm franticlly looking for info & help. Do you know of where I might find some direction? Scared, confused & overwhelmed I'm looking for anyone who knows about the forgotton thousands locked up in Peruvian prisons! Thankyou fo much for your article!!!!
Posted on: Nov 03, 2009
Africancrab says:
Did this article get the attention of the Dutch government? Will they do anything?
Posted on: Oct 13, 2009
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The first part
The first part
The picture
The picture
The second part
The second part
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