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I spent one full week enjoying my new home in Baton Rouge before I had to pack everything up and leave for work in OK.. I'm not complaining. Work is good, but so is home :P:P

Leaving LA was not easy!!!

First there was the never ending supply of water from above!!! I don't really mind driving in the rain, though I would prefer not too! Its not my favorite time to drive because it becomes harder to foresee what other drivers are going to do. Obviously just drive slower and keep a decent amount of space between you and the driver in front of you.. However some idiots felt it was best to harass other more cautious drivers (me and several others on the road) by flashing their lights in our rearview mirrors and excessively honking their horn!! But I am use to jerk drivers on the road! its my job to ignore them and keep them from causing damage to the load and often to themselves by preventing accidents.
That isn't even the deepest
.. Though they still piss me off from time to time.

What really stunned me was that traffic was allowed to drive through flooded highways.. This was a new experience for me. I was waiting for about an hour in a line of vehicles. No one from either direction was allowed to proceed. meanwhile I am watching garbage and large sticks float from one side of the road to the other side. People living in the woods were watching us from the side streets. When we were allowed to move we had to proceed very slowly and in the center of the road where the water was most shallow. I think it was about 7/8 inches deep at one point and definitely MUCH deeper along the sides. I have driven through puddles of water before but never through a large flooded area...

After that came the dense fog that lasted for 5 hours of my drive..... After all of that I was EXHAUSTED!
montecarlostar says:
Hello Amber, I know how hard it is to leave Louisiana! And I was also driving under horrible rain this last Tuesday! What highway were you into? These pictures look impressive!! I am glad that you made it safely to Oklahoma! And I agree about those stupid drivers that think they can still speed under these conditions... I also dislike driving under heavy rain, you get home twice as tired!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
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That isnt even the deepest
That isn't even the deepest
Finally after an Hour in the water…
Finally after an Hour in the wate…