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I arrived Dubai anticipating the worse of all worse, my first day was a bit blurry traveling from my home country, stopped over for 8 hrs in the sultanate of Brunei  at least I was able to call my old friends in Brunei and exchange some hi and hellos before continuing my journey to Dubai  We left around 8pm in the evening Brunei time the plane was crowded, children were grumpy so what more you expect when you arrived your destination but jetlag and haggard. The weather was a bit cold, people are milling around the airport and minding there own business... I was a bit scared everytime I see men wearing a white garb, somehow a they were a bit alien in my eyes. I been tryin to call my friend but I got no answer then at 2 am in the morning I called my soon to be employer secretary to informed them that I have just arrived and waiting for them in the airport.

While I was seating in the costa cafe a bearded guy approaches me, I was scare coz this guy really an arab looking guy, then he spoke in english and asked if I was the one called the secretary I said yes and he told me to low him, my boss is a friendly person, he make me feel at ease he asked if I have friends here in Dubai and I said a lot... he send me to my place to stay, Upon arrival on  my place to stay I was shock I though the place I will be staying is  comfortable and I will have my own bedroom, I was shock to learn that I will be sharing a room for at lead 10 people, I have no choice then coz I am not familiar wth the place at same I was so tired. The next dayI called my friend and I told her my situation, she told me there are far more worse than my

 situation She advice learn the end rope and things will be better, So did when and learn a few things, I can now explore dubai even blind folded, I am so familiar with the culture, place and people belief that even I become the tourist guide of my

 few friends who have never venture on the rough part of Dubai, where I call it the intestine of Dubai not the heart. Naif the a place of diff. culture and diff. walked of life, from Indian, pakistan, african, local arab, bedouin, chinese,  and more... this is the place you can throws batter with the seller and buyer alikes, they shout as means of their communication, you can sometimes smell the real sense of arab world at the same you can smell the spices of indies.. this the real Dubai where everything has started from, before skycraper came, before burj Al Arab, before palm Jumeirah before the dessert was turn to green, Naif was the begin and the end of Dubai...

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