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We have now said goodbye to Montenegro and travelled into Croatia. At the moment we are staying in Dubrovnik right in the middle of the old town. It is a fantastic location. We are staying in a most delightful apartment. It is the family home of the owner, and they renovated it 5 years ago and made it into 3 apartments. It is extremely homey with lovely old furniture, comfy armchairs, little lamps, but a modern bathroom and fully functioning kitchen. We have actually been able to cook for ourselves the last 2 nights. Believe it or not, eating out all the time loses its attraction. Not enough variety (in monentengro at least- most restaurants had the same things on the menu) and not enough veggies, though I don’t miss the washing up. We’ve also been able to make Freya some home cooked baby food to give her a break from the tinned stuff, however ‘organic’ it may be.

Dubrovnik is a lovely grand town, surrounded by very impressive city walls, right on the Adriatic sea. The streets are paved in gleaming marble, and there are several grand churches. It is a little bigger than the other walled towns we have stayed in and seems to have more people actually living here. There are a lot of tourists though – it’s beauty isn’t a secret any longer! In the 90’s however, Dubrovnik got an absolute pounding in the civil war. 2/3 of the roofs were damaged, and 68% of the buildings were damaged from the bombings. To see it today, you would never know as it has been completely restored. To see the photos in the museum of the Dubrovnik landmarks in flames or ripped apart from bombs, it is hard to believe it is the same place I see today with tourist upon tourist casually walking down the marble streets licking icecreams.
We found a nice spot for sunset drinks yesterday. Just outside the city walls, on the ocean side, set into the cliff face, there is a bar with just enough room for a couple of small terraces jutting out from the cliff for tables, chairs, and umbrellas. It was a sublime place to have a drink as the sun was setting, and a long way from the operating theatre for Cameron. I asked him if he was missing work, and he looked at me as if I was crazy. Well, it was a rhetorical question!

Today we caught a little ferry over to Lokrum island, which is just off Dubrovnik. It is a national park, and is a very peaceful place far from the crowds of Dubrovnik. There are the ruins of a fort on top of a hill in the centre of the island, and then a monastery down below. In between there are shady groves of pine and olive trees. There are many spots to swim, there are some sandy beaches but other areas where you can swim right off the rocks, with metal steps attached to the rocks, leading down into the water. The wise wear special shoes to protect themselves from sea urchins.
We found a little inland lake to have a dip (very cold). Hugh didn’t seem to mind, though I couldn’t manage much further than thigh height.

So these are our travels to date. We are having a good time. Two adults, two kids. We would do things at home with them anyway, so doing things in another country isn’t that different. Although Hugh sometimes nags us to go back to “Uncle Lachlan’s place”, it is mainly because he wants to go to the DVD shop and get out ‘Cars’!
He turns 3 on the 13th September, so we will do something extra special for him then. We have to try to find somewhere in Dubrovnik where we can get him a cake!! Maybe we can ask our friendly landlady for suggestions.
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photo by: Vikram