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A new project, a new chance. Everything went so quickly, that I almost couldn’t believe it. A new project was starting in my company and as they were looking for Spanish speakers HR got in contact with me as well. Purchasing Specialist for Spain didn’t sound bad at all, the work I’ve been doing so far wasn’t too exiting and I was promised by my team-leader whenever there would be a chance to move further she’ll let me know. Well, I guess she didn’t mean that I would change to another project, but that’s how life goes sometimes. The interview with the guys from the new project went better then I could have imagined, instead of letting me know the result within a week as by everybody else I got an answer within 2 hours!!!! I guess my Spanish and German skills (the main languages in the new project) were sufficient as I’m quite fluent, hehe. They suggested me to take part on a knowledge transfer in Germany and in Spain. 1 week in Hamburg and 3 weeks in Madrid, wow. Sounded just great for me. The only condition was that I had to leave in about 2 weeks, not really a problem for me. What turned out to be difficult for the trainings I should take before the departure while doing my work and the work of my colleague who was on vacation, plus training a new person on my present position whenever he or she could start. Believe me, these were some crazy 2 weeks. 

However, I had no idea actually how crazy and stressful on the other hand the actual business trip will be. Then the workload was much and the sleeping hours quite short...too short for me. And instead of recharging my batteries during the weekend I stayed in  Spain I did some crazy travelling…but isn’t that what real traveler’s souls do actually? ;-)  

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photo by: Vagabondatheart