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elizabeth opening the door to our room
This should be the last “catch-up” entry for now, and I promise to write them down, on paper if necessary so that I don’t have to do this again. For my sake more so than yours. I woke up at 1:30pm after at least 12 hours of sound sleep during which my roommates moved about, came and left, and I was not disturbed one bit. I speant my afternoon at a fair in Recoleta(part of the city, like Buckhead or downtown). The fair has lots of stands and tents with vendors, food, and even the token guitarrist playing Red Hot Chili Peppers(it’s like a Roger’s sale for the city). There are a few held in different areas every Sunday, but as I hear it this is one of the better options. I got a few gifts for people, but nothing to mention. Afterwards, Elizabeth and I wandered around an expensive mall and bought nothing! I had a good dinner afterwards, which was the best meal I’ve had in a while(I didn’t enjoy much of the food in Chile, and I’ve been in such a hurry that many times, I grab something quick). Monday and monday night were SO relaxing. Elizabeth and I got a hotel room nearby and spent the night there with a comfy bed, big bathroom, sauna, workout room, free drinks and snacks, and movies. Oh, and did I mention the fast internet??? It was my birthday present, and it almost simulated being at home. A comfy bed, coffee ready when I woke up, tv in english, and a nice bath. We checked out of the hotel this morning, and the rest of the day consisted of planning for Mendoza! So now Im sitting on a bus at 12:45am(11:45atl time) smelling like wine and writing these blogs in Appleworks. I think it’s about time for sleep :).
Hasta Mañana
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elizabeth opening the door to our …
elizabeth opening the door to our…