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us at the fútbol game
Yesterday wasn't much of an interesting day. All we did was go to class and hang out. We have been walking to class in the mornings. It takes about an hour, but it really wakes you up. Plus, we usually stop for some cafe con leche! This morning, however, we plaaned to take the Subte(sub). As it turned out, the workers were on strike for higher wages. No go there. So we ended up taking a cab. Apparently, a lot of workers go on strike around here. Oh well, we shall have our beloved subte back tomorrow(hopefully). I am really enjoying to get to practice my spanish with the locals(cab driver, cook). I might take some language classes later on during the trip. I have now had lectures in both classes, and I am very interested in both. I think I will learn a lot(and already have). This evening was my first ever professional fútbol game!!! We went to see the Boca Jrs. play the Paraguayan Libetadores. Sadly the game ended in a tie, but I enjoyed it, and now consider myself a Boca fan(not hardcore though). After all, I have to be a fan, I invested in a Boca jersey! I have not been sleeping a lot because of all there is to do, so I think I am going to head out and get some shut eye! Besos a todos!
mrsp says:
Jill, Study Abroad tip: Write down some spanish phrases on note cards "in spanish". Like your on-campus address, how much is that, restroom? etc. So that you can show them to someone that doesn't speak English (or your form of Spanish). The name/address thing is also helpful in case of emergency...of course nothing ever happens to you!
Love ya! Nanner
Posted on: May 31, 2007
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us at the fútbol game
us at the fútbol game