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The population of Buenos Aires is much thinner overall than the average American. This statement is obvious, but why? What are we doing differently? What are they doing better? First of all, this is a pedestrian city. They walk to the subte, or the collective(bus), and walk from there to work. The expansive size of the city also contributes to the distance that they walk or commute to work. In the US, most people drive to work, sit at a desk all day, and drive home. Another point is that their portions here are much smaller, even though they don't eat many vegetables. They have small coffees rather than 24oz. sizes. They don't have free refills, so people don't drink 64oz. of soda at dinner. When you order a sandwich, you order the sandwich with no side dish. The same goes for at the parrillas(steakhouses). AT our steakhouses, you sometimes get to choose up to 3 side dishes. They have a lot of fruit desserts, such as banana con dulce de leche. The meal times here are also spread out more, with dinner not being until at least 9. This means that they have no need to snack after dinner. As well, most people here are either play recreational soccer or do some type of physical activity such as walking or jogging. As well, though this isn't healthy, a large percentage of the population here smokes. Smoking is an appetite suppressant. All of these factors combined with the appearance complex that they have here, and you have a much thinner population.
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