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Okay, so I need to fill you in about the rest of Chile, and my past weekend in Buenos Aires. But let’s start with the present. I’m currently sitting front seat in a two story bus on my way to Mendoza. It’s a pretty nice view of the Pampas, except the fact that it’s dark. Once sunrise gets here we should have a wonderful view of the Andes. I truly am enjoying myself here. I am learning so much, and not just about international relations. Don’t get me wrong I am learning that, too, but I am learning how to do things on my own, and I’m learning about myself. For instance, this trip to Mendoza. I planned it. I have never even planned a trip in America in english. Can you just imagine me standing at the counter talking to the clerk about bus tickets in SPANISH? And reserving a room for me and all my friends in a hostel? I’ve learned to use public transportation: calling/hailing taxis, catching buses, taking the subte(subway). It’s definitely growth. I am learning to budget money. I am learning to solve problems on my own. I am learning that when I am faced with a problem, I usually stress out at first, and come up with the solution later. I’d like to work on cutting out that stress period. For instance, I am currently wearing three articles of clothing with red wine on them. The attendant on the bus handed me a glass of wine for with my dinner, but as it turned out, the cup was broken! My first reaction was to get upset, but I stayed pretty calm. I rinsed the shirt(Mandy’s-sorry), and then Tide penned the shirt and pants. The sweatshirt wasn’t so bad, and I got it on clearance for about $4 anyway. I’ll find a dry cleaners or something in Mendoza. The point is that I’m learning where I need to improve, and how to work around my weaknesses. Another thing I’ve learned is that I am better at getting myself to do something than getting myself to NOT do something. Example, I can make myself go run, but I have trouble making myself not eat candy. I can make myself go study, but I have trouble making myself not talk. All just observations. Back to the beginning of this, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to grow in such a way that I could never have grown in Georgia. Gracias a Mis Dios, Thanks be to God, Jill
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photo by: montecarlostar