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us with the waiter we liked
I know... it's been a few days.
Sunday night we went to a Jazz club and listened to Brazilian music. The food there was wonderful(much smaller portions than the US). I was getting so sleepy from the last few days though, so it was nice to get some sleep afterwards! Monday was the first day of classes, and most of us decided to walk. We are definitely learning our way around the city. It was a 1hr 15min walk, not 40. We also took the Avenues(larger streets) which have more pedestrians on them. We'll learn as we go. After class, we went to a nearby restaurant. The waiter there liked us a lot(or just wanted a big tip. either way). After we asked for our check, he brought us little cookies and a wine cocktail for dessert-for free! He didn't know english and was really sweet.
the president's palace. he doesnt actually live there anymore.
Here's about when we started noticing another major difference between our cultures. As I learned in International Business, cultures are either monochronic or polychronic. In a monochronic culture like the US, schedules are definite and being on time is extremely important. Argentina, however is a polychronic culture, where people are more flexible with their schedules and being on time is being 30min late! We were noticing this while out to eat. They never rush you and it's a relaxed atmosphere, especially at the cafes. They are great to go get reading done. Their coffee here is, sorry Dad, amazing. Then today, we toured the city from 10-5(long day) and packed a ton of information in. I liked that it helped us get our bearings on where everything is, and also we go to see some of the monuments, statues, places, etc. that we have been reading about. I went to the gym tonight and took a spinning class. Those are a little more interesting when you're struggling to understand what the instructor is saying-in spanish, obviously. All in all, a successful day, which will hopefully be followed by a successful night... of sleep.
Buenas Noches
mfranklin says:
your family would always be on time in argentina if being 30 mins late is actually on time. ha, ha. just teasing Aunt D.
Posted on: May 17, 2007
jill says:
actually jess, it was tyler!
Posted on: May 16, 2007
Jess0723 says:
HaHa...JD is funny! Have fun Jill and don't forget to run. We love you!
Posted on: May 16, 2007
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us with the waiter we liked
us with the waiter we liked
the presidents palace. he doesnt …
the president's palace. he doesnt…
our tour guide explaining somethin…
our tour guide explaining somethi…